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Providing care in
South Dayton: 937-558-9394
Warren & Butler Counties: 513-433-3737
Our Services
We start with an in-home consultation which is free of charge. Meeting person-to-person is the best way to talk about service options and design a care program together. You will be asked about your preferences regarding the type of person you prefer to provide service in your home. Your Touching Hearts at Home representative will carefully select a caregiver best prepared to meet your needs.
Services can be provided from just a few hours up to 24 hours, 7 days-a-week, including weekends and holidays.
Touching Hearts at Home services include:
 Meal preparation
 Household chores
 Transportation and escort
 Home monitoring
 Alzheimer's and dementia care
...and much more!
(Scroll below to view an expanded list of our services.)



We all age in different ways with different needs at different times. Many people with medical conditions, disabilities, or progressive changes that come with aging choose to remain in the comfort of home. We make it possible by helping with the tasks of daily living.


Caring is what we do. When family and friends can't be there, we can. Think of us as an additional resource to your lifestyle needs. We believe our person-centered care provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual support that everyone deserves.


Our services are customized to meet the individual needs of each client. Your needs come first. Care can be provided for just a few hours per visit, up to 24 hours, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. We are also available for on-call needs and short-term schedules. You can count on reliability and dependability from Touching Hearts at Home.

Services Overview Video
We are committed to:
 Understanding your unique needs and preferences
 Providing caregivers who are carefully selected, trained, bonded, and insured
 No minimum hours or minimum visit requirements
 Coordinating your care with other care providers and family caregivers
 Offering flexible schedules that accommodate budget restraints and changes in health conditions
We use IdealCaregiver24 to enhance our ability to match the best-fit caregivers with your or your loved one.
We ask you questions about what the ideal caregiver would be for you or your loved one, and then compare those results against the personality profiles of our caregivers to help find the most compatible caregiver for you.
When we say we will match up the best caregiver for you and your family, we mean it.

Expanded Service List

 Friendly conversation
 Discuss current or historical events
 Play games, cards, or other mind stimulating activities
 Help with hobbies or crafts
 Rent and play videos/DVDs
 Read and discuss books, papers, and magazines
 Answer door and telephone
 Bring in and sort mail
 Letter writing and other correspondence
 Birthday and anniversary reminders
 Assist with gardening
 Assist in decision making
 Arrange family photos
Meal Preparation:
 Meal planning, preparation and clean-up
 Monitoring diet and eating
 Record and arrange recipes
 Grocery shopping
 Monitor food expirations
 Clip coupons for shopping
Household Chores:
 Light housekeeping
 Washing and arranging dishes
 Taking out garbage
 Change and wash linens
 Ironing laundry
 Change beds
 Dust furniture
 Organize and clean closets/cupboards
 Sweep and wash floor
 Clean kitchen appliances
 Sewing or mending assistance
 Care for house plants

Transportation and Escort:
 Doctor Appointments
 Airport, departure/arrival
 Friends, relatives, social functions
 Church, other religious functions
 Entertainment events - Plays, Concerts, and Sports
 Prescription pick-up
 Dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up
 Grocery shopping
 Running miscellaneous errands
 Medication reminders
 Monitor medication usage
 Assist in scheduling appointments
 Pick up prescriptions
Home Monitoring:
 Notify family of any changes in health or appearance of client
 Correspond with and update family on client's activities
 Supervise home maintenance
 Monitor home safety
Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care:
 Positive and patient companionship for Alzheimer's patients
 Prompting and cueing daily routines
 Respite for those caring for loved ones with Dementia
 Transport/Escort to appointments
 Outings, activities and events appropriate for Alzheimer's patients
 Personal organization help
 Prevent wandering and unsafe behaviors

  Quality Training for Quality Caregivers
Touching Hearts is proud to train our Caregivers with aQuire Training Solutions through IPCed.
We use IdealCaregiver24 to enhance our ability to match the best-fit Caregivers with you or your loved one.
When we say we will match up the best Caregiver for you and your family, we mean it. Click here to learn more.
Touching Hearts at Home's mission is to help seniors and people with disabilities preserve their quality of life and remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. We do this by providing non-medical companionship, caregiving and homemaking services.
Meeting Your Unique Needs
Bullet Point Alzheimer's and dementia care
Bullet Point Light housekeeping and homemaker services
Bullet Point Grocery shopping and errands
Bullet Point Incidental transportation
Bullet Point Meal preparation
Bullet Point Monitoring hydration and nutrition
Bullet Point Medication reminders
...and much more!