Companion Care at Home in Hutchinson KS

6 Ways Companion Care at Home Helps a Sandwich-Generation Caregiver

Are you a sandwich-generation caregiver? Are you helping your dad while also caring for children at home and balancing your work and time with your spouse or partner? You’re sandwiched between two generations, which is how this type of family caregiver gets the name.

You are struggling to have time for yourself while also making sure your children have you as much as they need. Plus, your dad requires your help with everything from grocery shopping trips and meals to housework and help with finances. It’s a lot. Have you considered the benefits of companion care at home?

Your Dad Has Someone to Shop With

When it comes to shopping for groceries or running errands, your dad can’t go by himself. He might find it too difficult to carry all of the bags or use the card reader to finish his purchase. He has to have someone to help him. His caregiver can.

He’ll have someone to help him find the right items, make a payment, and load bags into the car. At home, his caregiver can carry the bags and boxes inside. His caregiver puts things away for him, too.

If he needs to stop and get his prescription refilled, his caregiver can help. They can set up a refill online and pick it up when they’re out. His caregiver will also help him track what items he needs, such as laundry detergent and toilet paper, and make sure to purchase them before he runs out.

He Has a Caregiver Available to Cook Each Meal

Your dad may no longer cook, or maybe he never did, but he can have a caregiver at his home to prepare meals for him. His caregiver will get to know your dad and ask him questions about what he wants to eat and drink throughout the week.

When it’s time to eat, his caregiver cooks a meal for him. If he hates eating alone, he doesn’t have to worry as he has a caregiver there to talk to.

Your Dad Enjoys the Companionship He Craves

Your dad’s caregiver is there as often as he wants. He’s no longer alone all week until you’re free on the weekend. He has someone to accompany him on walks, help him in his garden, and talk to during meals.

A caregiver is there for rainy afternoons watching movies or during a thunderstorm when your dad is on edge. He has the company he wants throughout the week.

He Has Help With Housework

How easy are household chores? If your dad no longer can push his heavier vacuum or has tripped over the cord and is afraid to use it, he can have a caregiver available to clean his home for him.

Companion care at home can do the laundry, change his sheets, and wash dishes. Your dad is free to do the tasks he enjoys doing and has help with the others.

His Caregiver Reminds Him to Take His Pills

Does your dad routinely forget to take his blood pressure medications? Is he constantly messing up which pill is taken on an empty stomach and which one needs to be taken with a meal? A caregiver helps him remember to take them and whether he needs a glass of milk, water, or a full meal.

Your Dad’s Caregiver Helps Him Stay Organized

Your dad’s home stays clean and organized with his companion care aide’s help. His caregiver can bring in the mail, help him sort the junk mail from bills, and open any packages that arrive.

Make the arrangements for companion care at home and free up time for yourself. Self-care is essential if you don’t want to burn out. With a caregiver helping your dad during some of the week, you’ll be able to help him when you have the time and not have to stress out if you don’t have time that day.


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