Alzheimer's Care in Hutchinson KS

Alzheimer’s Care Helps Seniors with Daily Routines

Seniors who are battling Alzheimer’s disease face a variety of different challenges. Meaningful engagement and stimulating activities can help them to boost their cognitive health, enhance quality of life, and keep seniors socially engaged as well. Alzheimer’s care services can incorporate a combination of these different types of activities into daily routines so that seniors can reap the benefits.

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

The best types of activities for seniors with cognitive illnesses are cognitive stimulation activities. These types of activities engage and challenge the brain, helping seniors to slow down the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s care providers can offer seniors opportunities to play with puzzles, word games, memory games, and much more. Seniors also build confidence and a sense of accomplishment when they do well.

Sensory Stimulation Activities

Sensory stimulation activities are ones that incorporate the various senses of the body throughout engaging in the activity. Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste can all be included. Aromatherapy, touching textures, listening to sounds, playing with light and color, and more are all some of the sensory activities seniors might enjoy. These are activities that help them connect with their surroundings. They can also be soothing and help to reduce anxiety.

Art and Music Activities

Art and music have been known to have fantastic effects for everyone’s brain. They’re just as important for aging adults who are battling cognitive illnesses. Art and music are also helpful for letting seniors get in touch with their memories. Familiar songs, sing-alongs with family, and expressing feelings through creating art are all powerful activities for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Reminiscence Activities

It might seem as if people with memory trouble and cognitive illnesses just can’t remember much from the past. But they can often remember a lot more than people realize and it’s good for them to reminisce. Reminiscence activities let seniors share stories, look at old pictures, and engage in other activities that help them to remember significant events from their lives. Talking about these events can help them to connect to the people around them and offers them validation.

Physical Activities

The body and the brain are connected. Engaging in physical activities, as long as a doctor has cleared seniors for that activity, helps to improve circulation and helps seniors stay physically strong. This can also help brain health. Home care providers can help seniors remember to engage in physical activity and also keep them company as they move more often. Getting more physically active can also help to burn off excess energy that can lead to activities like wandering.

Alzheimer’s care providers have experience with helping seniors dealing with cognitive illnesses as they cope with daily life. They can make it easier to engage in these and other activities that can help seniors to have rich, full lives every single day. Offering a mix of these different activities is empowering for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, helping them to feel more comfortable and confident even as they battle a progressive illness.

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