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Crafting and Connections: Seniors Celebrating National Craft Month

March brings spring, eventually, but it also brings National Craft Month every single year. This is a month-long celebration dedicated to embracing self-expression, creativity, and the joy that crafting can bring. For aging adults, embracing crafting offers a great opportunity for socializing, stimulating cognitive skills, and creating something beautiful. Crafting is also something that companion care at home can help seniors with regularly.

Crafting Can Be Therapeutic

Spending time doing crafts can be incredibly therapeutic, both emotionally and physically. Engaging in crafts can help to reduce stress while also improving cognitive function, especially for seniors. Crafts and activities that can be tailored to different ability levels and preferences are the best choices. These help seniors to enjoy what they’re doing and also experience a feeling of accomplishment.

It’s Also a Social Experience

Organizing even small crafting events helps seniors to spend time with others in a meaningful way. Crafting with other people fosters a sense of collaboration and community. It’s a great way for families to spend more time together and for seniors to spend time with friends. The artwork and other craft items everyone creates together are a tangible memory of the time spent together.

Crafting Helps to Bridge Gaps Between Generations

Another way to help seniors benefit from National Craft Month is to bridge the generation gap a bit. Intergenerational activities with schools, youth groups, or other community organizations offer a way for seniors to interact with younger people, volunteer in some situations, and socialize with other people doing something fun. This is an especially good idea for seniors who have lots of experience with crafting and other life experiences that they are eager to share.

Crafting Can Preserve Memories

Crafting projects that involve memory preservation are a great way for families to spend more time crafting together. Scrapbooking, making collages, putting together memory boxes, quilting, and more are all common memory crafts that families might want to try together. These items often get handed down to younger generations as family heirlooms.

People of All Ability Levels Can Enjoy Crafting

It’s also important for aging adults to feel as if they’re able to engage in creative activities even if daily activities are becoming difficult for them. Home care providers can help aging adults to engage in all sorts of crafts while also preserving their independence and ability to express their own creativity. Choosing materials and tools that are easy to handle makes crafting easier, no matter what seniors are battling in other areas of their lives and health.

National Craft Month offers a fantastic opportunity for seniors to spend time with other people and to express themselves creatively. Companion care at home can help them to make crafting even easier for seniors to do, especially if they decide they want to continue on and craft throughout the rest of the year, too. What really matters is that seniors have ways to stimulate their brains, socialize with others, and have the quality of life that they want to have.


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