3 Easy Ways Seniors can Stay Regular

Many seniors are at risk for irregularity and constipation for many reasons. Certain medical conditions affect bowel performance. Many medications cause constipation as a side effect. Seniors also tend to be less hydrated and often less mobile than they used to be. Hydration and mobility are two factors that contribute greatly to regular bowel function. The three main ways to keep the digestive tract happy and healthy are to:

  • Take in plenty of fluids
  • Consume a nutritious diet with plenty of fiber
  • Exercise every day


Dehydration is a major contributor to constipation, and increasing fluids is one of the most effective ways to relieve or prevent it. Experts recommend most older adults consume at least 7.1 cups of fluid per day. Drinking small amounts throughout the day may be more achievable than trying to drink larger quantities all at once.


A diet with plenty of fiber is key to maintaining regularity — although it’s vital to take in adequate fluid. Too much fiber with too little water will have a constipating effect. Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains are among foods high in fiber. Probiotic foods, such as yogurt, are also very helpful for gut health and regularity.


Any type of exercise or movement is helpful in supporting intestinal health. Even a 10-15 minute walk each day can make a major difference. The very best type of exercise to support intestinal health are those that contract the abdominal muscles. Swimming, certain yoga positions or anything else that works the core muscles can be especially effective.

Elder Care can Help a Senior Overcome Challenges and Stay Regular

While drinking fluids, eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise are simple and effective, these activities can present a real challenge to some seniors.

  • Some have trouble physically preparing healthy meals or getting themselves a drink.
  • For others, it’s a matter of remembering to eat, drink or exercise.
  • They may benefit from motivation or encouragement in the moment.

Fortunately, professional elder care agencies can help tremendously in achieving these goals.

For example, a senior could contact an elder care agency and arrange for an aide to come to the house and prepare a healthy breakfast full of foods to support intestinal wellness. Bran cereals, yogurt, fruit or whole wheat toast are excellent choices. While the senior enjoys breakfast, the aide can prepare a couple water bottles around the house. (They can even clean up the ones from the previous day, along with a load of dishes while they’re there!)

After breakfast, the aide could walk with the senior around the block, or drive them to the gym for a swim or pilates class. The aide could help, if needed, with dressing, bathing or other personal care before — or even during — the trip to the gym.

Elder Care is Completely Customizable

Since elder care services are customized to the needs and preferences of each individual senior, they will look different for everyone. Food preparation, clean up, transportation and personal care are just a few of the options. Reach out to the elder care service to find out how they can get creative and meet your senior’s unique needs.


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