4 Things That Can Improve The Quality Of Life Of A Senior With Dementia

January is International Quality of Life Month, which makes it a great time to talk about what makes a great quality of life for seniors with dementia. A senior living with dementia usually is living from moment to moment, depending on how far their dementia has progressed. That means that family members and home care providers that want to give those seniors a great quality of life should focus on making each moment special. Your senior loved one may not remember the individual moment after it passes but they will enjoy that moment while they are in it. Four ways that family members can give their senior loved ones a better quality of life moment by moment include:

Sharing A Meal

Home Care in Carrollton OH
Home Care in Carrollton OH

Stopping by to share a meal with your senior loved one combines the joy of a good meal with great company. Many seniors don’t eat enough because they hate eating alone. If you stop by regularly for meals or if your senior parents have a home care provider that helps them with meals and eats with them it can give seniors better physical and mental health. You don’t have to take the time to have a big sit down meal either, although you certainly can. Just stopping over to have a quick breakfast or a sandwich is enough to make that meal special.

Taking A Walk

Being physically active is something seniors need, but that doesn’t mean that all activity has to be a chore or a workout. When the weather is nice try taking a walk around the block with your senior loved one or taking them to a favorite park and going for a walk. Just make sure that you are keeping an eye out so that your senior loved one doesn’t wander away when you are not looking. Regular walks will give you some quality time with your senior parent and give your senior parent some exercise.

Singing Or Playing Music

Singing and playing music or listening to music is one of the best therapies for people with dementia. There are so many emotions and memories tied to favorite songs or pieces of music that can give your senior loved one a special thrill and a moment of remembering happiness. If you can play music take the time to play some music and sing songs from your childhood with your senior loved one. Or, just put on the radio and dance a little. Just enjoying the music should make your senior loved one happy.

Looking Through Old Photos

Another way that you can create special moments for a senior parent with dementia is to look through old photos with them. Going through old photo albums or boxes of old photos can trigger important memories for someone with dementia. Even if they can’t remember who the people are in the photos they may remember the emotions attached to the moments shown in the photos like the happiness of opening up gifts on Christmas morning or the stress of getting that homemade Halloween costume exactly right.

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