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5 Signs Your Senior Is Struggling with Self-Care

As your elderly family member grows older, she may find that she’s experiencing more challenges than she expected. She may also have trouble with tasks that she never expected would become difficult, like bathing. It’s important as her family caregiver to recognize when challenges are becoming more complicated so that you can help your elderly family member to find the right answers for her situation.

She’s Having Trouble Driving

Driving isn’t a requirement, of course, but if your elderly family member has driven in the past, she probably wants to keep doing so. The key is how safe it is for her to be driving. If she has physical or cognitive changes that are making driving difficult or unsafe, she may need someone else to step in and do the driving.

Her Home Is in Bad Condition

Are you able to take a closer look at your elderly family member’s home? If so, pay attention to whether it seems as if she’s having trouble keeping up with regular household tasks. This can be a sign that having personal care at home visiting her might be a good idea. They can help to ensure that her home is safe and clean, which ensures that she’s going to be safer overall.

She’s Unable to Manage Her Health as Well as She Did Before

If your aging family member’s health is worsening and it’s more difficult for her to do things like stick with her doctor’s recommendations or take medications as they’re prescribed, she may need more help. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about what steps might be necessary in order to help her to have what she needs. Having visits from healthcare providers can keep your senior on target.

Personal Care Tasks Are Falling by the Wayside

Personal care tasks are things like getting dressed, brushing teeth, and showering. These tasks might be ones that are giving your senior trouble, however. Because of the very personal nature of these tasks, it’s not uncommon for people to avoid mentioning them. Personal care at home is a great solution. These caregivers visit your elderly family member and offer the assistance that she needs to ensure she’s clean and safe while taking care of these personal care tasks. Personal care at home might be helpful temporarily while your senior recovers from an injury or long-term as she deals with changes to her health.

She Tells You That She’s Experiencing Challenges

Sometimes you have to guess that your elderly family member might need some more help, but that is not always the case. You might find that your senior is more willing to open up eventually and let you know that she is in need of more assistance. Helping her to find solutions for the challenges she’s facing is crucial so that she isn’t forcing herself to do more than she really can.

Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring that your elderly family member has the help and the care that she needs as she ages.


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