Are You Judging Yourself Too Harshly?

It’s very easy for caregivers to have high expectations of themselves. But are your expectations too high? And are you possibly being too judgmental with yourself?

Negative Thoughts Aren’t Going to Serve You Well

Negative thoughts seem like they might be helpful because they could be motivational, right? But that’s really not the case. Most of the time, negative comments and thoughts are the opposite of motivational. They’re far more likely to send you farther into feeling badly about whatever is going on.

Comparison Is a Thief

Constant comparison is a thief of so many valuable resources. Time, energy, and joy all are compromised when comparison is running the show. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else at all. You’re being the best caregiver that you can be in every given moment. Trying to compete with anyone else is going to present problems for you.

Noticing Your Thoughts Is the First Step

When you’re trying to turn this all around, the first thing you need to do is to start noticing your thoughts at all. When are you experiencing negative thoughts? When are they positive? Are there differences in when you have each type of thought? Avoid judging those thoughts at this stage. You’re just noticing them.

The Second Step Is Turning Your Thoughts Around

The next step is to start turning those negative thoughts around. Do something physical to mark the end of that thought, whether that’s taking a deep breath or shaking your head in the negative. Reframe the thought from something negative into something positive. If you can’t do that at the very beginning, start listing out things you’re happy about or grateful for. Both of those moods reframe your thoughts in general.

Keep Track of How You’re Doing

The big payoff in paying attention to your thoughts is that you’re able to make some progress on turning them around. It really helps to keep track of how you’re doing with this. An easy way to do it is by journaling about your experiences and how you respond to specific situations. Any hot spot issues are ones that you can continue to work on. This might feel difficult at first, but as you make more progress, you’ll be able to see it and that will be powerful for you.

Remember also that you’re likely the only person who thinks you’re not doing enough or doing things right. Cut yourself some much-needed slack.

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