Can Caregivers Still Come to Your Parent's Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

One question families have is if it’s still possible to get elder care aides to come to the home during coronavirus. Yes, it is. In fact, caregivers offer the services that your parents need to stay safe during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, it’s advised that your parents stay home. It’s also best for you to stay at home if there’s a chance you’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Let caregivers stop by to help your parents with bathing, personal care, and grooming. Caregivers can do the laundry and housework. They’re also there for companionship.

Home Care

Your parents need to keep the house clean. One suggestion the CDC has is to take a disinfecting wipe and go over surfaces like doorknobs, phones, handles, cell phones, remotes, etc. each day. If they can’t do the housework on their own, a caregiver can help them.

Personal Care

Elder Care in Fairborn OH

Personal care is another important part of staying safe during the pandemic. Your parents need to wash hands regularly. If they can’t stand at a sink for long, a caregiver can help them. Caregivers can help with personal care and grooming. They can help with toileting, medication reminders, and laundry.


Laundry is one area you don’t want to forget. Sheets need to be laundered in hot water to kill any potential germs. Your parents may be sneezing or coughing into their sleeve, so they need to wash coats and cardigans regularly to kill germs.

Towels, blankets, and wash clothes are other items to wash more often than usual. Caregivers can help get that done.


Companionship services make sure your parents have someone stopping by to help ease their feels. Caregivers can keep them company when you can’t stop by. You can have a caregiver spend time with your parents all day or on certain days.

Elder care agencies are advising their employees to continuously monitor their health and temperature. If they’re not feeling 100 percent, they’re to stay home. They are asking employees to avoid going into hot spots and to self-quarantine if they may have been exposed to the virus.

Ask the agency about the COVID-19 Plan. You’ll understand the questions you or your parents need to ask caregivers before they enter the home. They will also answer questions regarding other steps your family can take to stay safe. Call an elder care agency with your list of questions and concerns.

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