Can Your Senior Do Anything at All about Memory Issues?

Memory issues are mostly a part of being human. All sorts of people, young and old, forget things now and again. If your senior is really concerned, talk to her doctor and consider trying some ideas for improving your senior’s overall health as well as her brain health.

Consider Some Dietary Changes

Everyone’s dietary choices make a difference to their health. For your senior, eating a balanced diet that contains vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats can keep both her brain and her body properly fueled. It’s not always easy to eat all that well, though, especially if your elderly family member finds it difficult or boring to cook. She may need help from you or from elderly care providers to get healthier meal choices regularly.

Increase Physical Activity Levels

If her doctor okays exercise, this can be a fantastic way to jumpstart your senior’s brain and reduce memory issues. Exercise itself releases endorphins and can help the brain and body to make other happy chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, which can be useful in managing moods and other concerns. Getting the blood flowing, especially to her brain, is another huge benefit of moving more.

Brain and Memory Games Do Work

It’s easy to forget that the brain is a little bit like a muscle. Working your senior’s brain helps it to be strong. If your elderly family member is doing things that challenge her brain and that keep her thinking, she’s less likely to have trouble with her memory. Find games and activities that your elderly family member enjoys and do what you can to increase their footprint in your senior’s life. Memory games can also be helpful.

Your Senior Needs Some Socialization

Being around other people also helps your senior’s brain to keep functioning. She may not have a huge circle of friends and that’s okay, but she should avoid isolating herself if possible. Having elderly care providers stop by to help with tasks and to offer companionship could be a perfect answer to this issue.

There May Be Other Factors at Play

There’s a lot that goes into brain health and your senior may need some more help. Her doctor is the best choice for figuring all of that out. There may be some other factors that are influencing your senior’s ability to rely on her memory. The best way to help your senior with her memory issues is to help her to do as much as she can to be as healthy as possible.

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