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Cold Weather Protection for Seniors

In many parts of the country, winter is here in full swing and that means bitterly cold days, dangerous wind chills, and snow and ice covering the ground. It can be beautiful, but it can also be a dangerous time of year for your older loved one as they try to navigate going places and doing things that entail them being out in the elements for a while.

While part of you may just want them to stay in the home all winter long, where it’s safe and warm, most likely your loved one will need to go out at some point. And getting out of the house is good for the spirits and health. It just needs to come with a bit more care and caution when temperatures are below zero. So, here are a few quick tips to keep your senior safe during those outings.

  1. Leave the driving to someone else. The roads can be rough in the winter, with ice, sleet, and snow-covered road and signs. It can make even a routine trip treacherous. Luckily, you can find several sources to provide rides. A senior home care provider can help your parent get to appointments or the market. The senior home care provider can pick your loved one up in a nice warm vehicle, and even help him traverse across a slippery sidewalk. You can also look into public transportation, but that often involves getting to a bus stop or walking down a long driveway.
  2. Bundle up. Warm clothes that cover the majority of the body are important to protect your loved one from dangerous wind chills and falling snow. Keeping that head covered, along with having thick enough mittens, socks and boots will help prevent frostbite. Even if your loved one is only getting in and out of vehicles, you never know when something could happen to the vehicle he is riding in, and he gets stuck somewhere waiting for help.
  3. Maintain his sidewalks and driveway. Most accidents and falls happen at home, and in the winter months, those sidewalks around the house can be hard to walk on. Steps that lead from the front door to the sidewalk can easily get frozen over or full of slippery snow. Having a senior home care provider help by keeping those areas cleared off can keep you ahead of the game, but since they can’t be there all the time, keep salt by each door to sprinkle on the walkways as well as a shovel.
  4. Make sure the home is warm enough. As people age, it’s sometimes more difficult for their bodies to keep warm so your loved one may need to have the thermostat a bit higher than you’re used to. Because many seniors don’t move around too much in the home, staying warmly dressed inside and keeping the thermostat at a higher temperature, will help ensure he’s not constantly shivering and in danger of developing hypothermia.

And then when those days come and the temperatures rise to tolerable levels, make sure to arrange for your loved one to get out and enjoy the short time that the sun is out. Even in the cold winter months, feeling the sun on his face will be a mood lifter.


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