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Try These Great Spring Activities with Your Senior

Spring is a great time of renewal and rejuvenation. For many parts of the country, you’ve endured a long, hard winter and are ready to head up, feel the heat upon your face and bask in the sunshine.

Your elderly loved one feels the same. Long, cold winter months can be lonely and depressing as activities slow down and fewer visitors stop by. Here are some fun ideas to get you and your senior outside this spring. If you aren’t able to bring your senior yourself, talk to her elder care provider. Elder care providers can help by bringing your senior to activities and places.

Visit a Garden

Spring is a great time to be reminded of regrowth and renewal by visiting a garden. Many early-blooming flowers will be the first to open up their colorful blooms to an appreciative audience like your elderly loved one. It can also be fun to watch the youngest plants just starting out and then make a commitment to come later in the season to see how much they’ve grown.

Go Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Your loved one might enjoy heading to a local farmer’s market to check out all of the local produce that’s ripe and ready to eat. Walking around the different tables of brightly colored fruits and vegetables can help get her excited to create some healthy meals this spring. An elder care provider can help with preparing those meals if your loved one gets inspired but isn’t quite able to prepare the meals by herself. Farmer’s markets are also a great way to support local businesses as many will set up tables to display their works of art and other products.

Stop by a Zoo or Farm

Spring is a wonderful time to check out all of the spring babies. Whether it’s lambs at a farm, ducklings in a local lake, or something more exotic like lion cubs at a zoo, if your loved one is an animal lover, this activity can bring her joy as she witnesses the cycle of life beginning again this spring. Some farms and zoos even have petting areas where your loved one can get up close to the babies and pet them. Just make sure a thorough hand-washing occurs after any contact with live animals.

Go Bird Watching

Unpack that pair of binoculars and bird book and head to your local watering hole to see which birds have returned for the new season. Many states have guides at their local nature sanctuaries or state parks that can guide your loved one in what to look for and where to find it. If she’s a photographer, bring the camera as well to snap some lovely photos of the birds she spots.

As you head out, keep in mind weather patterns as spring weather can change quickly with a drop in temps or a sudden shower. Making sure your loved one has dressed appropriately in the correct foot gear can help her spring outing go smoothly.


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