Facts You Need to Know During World's Alzheimer's Day

World Alzheimer’s Day is all about raising awareness about this prevalent disease. Dementia affects more than 55 million people worldwide, and Alzheimer’s is the type of dementia in about 70 percent of these cases.

Alzheimer’s affects the patient, but it also has lasting effects on the family members. Check out these Alzheimer’s facts to learn more about the realities of this disease.

Alzheimer’s Affects More Women Than Men

Throughout the world, about 66 percent of Alzheimer’s cases are in women. Not only is a patient more likely to be a woman, but daughters are often the person to offer care to a parent with Alzheimer’s.

It’s estimated that about 66% of caregivers are women. It can be hard trying to balance work with family responsibilities. Having a social life in addition to everything else can seem impossible.

Family Caregivers Are Often Part of the Sandwich Generation

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In addition to more family caregivers being female, they’re also often part of the sandwich generation. This means that the daughter has children at home that need her, but she also must be her mother’s primary caregiver. She’s sandwiched between her kids and her mom.

Alzheimer’s Deaths Increased by 145 Percent

Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but that may not last. Deaths from heart disease dropped, but Alzheimer’s deaths increased by 145 percent between 2000 and 2019. The disease will soon be the leading cause of death in older adults.

It’s Hard to Know How Long the Disease Will Last

When planning your mom or dad’s care needs as Alzheimer’s progresses, it’s hard to tell how long you’ll be coordinating care. The average survival rate is four to eight years, but there are people with Alzheimer’s who live up to two decades with the disease.

Family Members Often End Up Paying Their Parent’s Expenses

Alzheimer’s is devastating financially, too. The cost of care is expensive if you don’t do it yourself. Your parent’s money will disappear as prescription costs and medical bills increase.

It’s very common to see family members paying their parent’s expenses from their own bank accounts. People with Alzheimer’s may not recognize clothing or household items as theirs and throw them out or give things away. Replacing those items adds up.

Self-Care is Vital

As a family caregiver, you have to take care of yourself. Alzheimer’s disease is challenging, especially as the disease progresses. Lean on companion care at home services to ensure you’re able to take breaks. Caregivers can stay with your mom or dad while you visit friends, sleep in, or take a weekend trip.

Companion care at home allows you to focus on self-care without having to worry that your parent is alone. Call a home care expert to make arrangements.



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