Five Eye Symptoms that Need a Closer Look

Eye symptoms are sometimes easy to ignore, but doing so could be a bad idea. If you notice or your senior mentions any of these issues, it’s a good idea to contact her doctor.

Pain in or Around Her Eyes

Pain is almost always a sign that there’s something going on. If your elderly family member has sudden pain around or in her eyes, that can indicate that there’s something that needs to be addressed. She could have experienced an injury or there may be an eye illness that’s causing the pain.

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Blurred or Fuzzy Vision

Fuzzy or blurred vision can mean that your senior’s vision is changing, but if this is something that happened suddenly this might be a red flag. If your elderly family member’s corrective lenses or normal vision have been fine and now she’s having trouble seeing well, there are a number of possible causes. Her eye doctor or her doctor may be able to narrow this down.


Typically people who experience aura with migraine have experienced floaters, which are tiny artifacts in the field of vision. They might appear as shiny, shimmery objects or as blank spots in your senior’s vision. If they’re not related to a migraine, there can be other causes for floaters. This is especially important to get looked at if your senior is experiencing floaters that don’t go away.

Light Sensitivity, Especially if it’s Sudden

Your senior might be sensitive to light for a lot of different reasons, especially if the light in question is a bright or unexpected one. But just as with other symptoms, if the light sensitivity is something that is new or, more importantly, is a sudden situation, there’s reason to be concerned. There are a variety of different situations that could be at play and that need to be checked out.

Burning, Itching, or Redness

Any signs of redness, itching, or burning could involve something in your senior’s eye. Or they could indicate that she’s scratched the cornea or lens of her eye or had some other type of damage to the eye. It’s worth getting these symptoms checked out at least by her doctor, even if they don’t seem to be too severe. There are many different types of eye injuries that get worse when ignored.

If your elderly family member is experiencing trouble with her vision, she may find that having senior care providers with her when you can’t be is helpful. They can assist her with a variety of tasks and watch out for signs that she might need medical help, too.

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