Four Ways a Strong Relationship Benefits Your Parents and Your Kids

How close are your parents and your children? A strong relationship benefits both parties. Make sure they form a bond and gain all of the benefits that come from a grandchild-grandparent bond.

Your Kids Learn About Unconditional Love

You love your child, and they probably know it. They don’t know of love beyond that concept, however. If they spend time with their grandparents, they learn that unconditional love can be more than a child-parent situation. They learn it extends to different people.

They learn that even after disappointing a grandparent, love isn’t going to disappear. Your child may break your mom’s favorite vase. She may be disappointed, but she won’t stop loving your child. Your child learns that and learns how to pattern their own ideas of what love is and isn’t based on those secondary relationships.

Your Parents Get Exercise

A younger child’s energy can be exhausting, but it’s also a good way to get your parents to exercise. Your kids may want to go walk up the road to the stream to look for frogs. Your parents may be eager to see the joy in your kids’ eyes when they find and possibly catch that frog.

They get exercise walking to the stream and wading in the water. They also get to experience the joy and excitement that ends up boosting their mood and can help them avoid feeling down or blue.

Grandchildren Can Help Your Parents Avoid Feeling Depressed

When your parents get to spend plenty of time with their grandkids, they have something to look forward to. They won’t feel lonely or isolated knowing someone’s coming to visit. That can help ease feelings of depression in some older adults.

Going back to the frog adventures that give your parents the chance to exercise, it also helps boost the mood. Brain chemicals that bring feelings of joy and elation can also help lessen the chance of depression.

Socialization With Members of Another Generation

When your child and parent interact, they’re learning how to socialize and communicate with another generation. They learn about life from that younger/older person’s perspective. It helps with both social and cognitive skills.

Have you arranged caregivers to help out when you’re not available? If you work throughout the week or live too far away to see your parents more than once a month, they may be struggling with some daily chores.

Are they skipping tasks like laundry and cleaning? Are they risking their health forgetting to take medications or schedule appointments? Caregivers solve these common issues and make sure your parents are supported when you can’t be there.

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