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Fun Indoor Activities That Provide Some Exercise

Your dad’s doctor recommends that he gets more exercise. But, it’s hard to get him outside when it’s still snowing or raining, which makes it too icy. Indoor activities are a great solution. Indoor activities help everyone spend time together, no matter how old or young they are. Here are some of the best indoor activities that also provide exercise, and how in-home care can help.


Make a batch of dough and get your dad to help knead it. Kneading is a good activity for building muscle strength in the fingers and wrists. If he gets into it with more of his body weight, it also works out the arms and shoulders.

The bread he bakes becomes part of his meals. He can freeze the extra or donate it to others. The best part of homemade bread is that he controls the amount of added ingredients like sugar and salt.


Charades is a good game for getting up and being active. You don’t need anything to play Charades either. The game is played by acting out the words on a card. You can’t give any vocal clues.

Have everyone come up with some topic suggestions and put them in a bowl. Whatever you draw is the movie, song, book, actor, etc. that you must try to get the other players to guess.


Find a beginner dancing video online and put that one. Have everyone try to learn the dances together. Start with some easier dances and work your way up. If dancing seems to be too much for some of the members of your family, try Tai Chi or beginner Zumba instead.

Remember that the dancing doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important is that everyone has fun together.


Declutter the rooms in your dad’s home together. It gets everyone actively helping out, but it also takes care of some of the tasks that you’ve been putting off. It’s a good way to go through his items that never get used and rehome them.

Wii Video Games

If you happen to have a Wii or are willing to purchase a used one, there are games your dad can play that help him get a little bit of a workout. Wii Bowling is one of them. He uses the controller as his bowling ball only he only has to let go of the button and not throw the whole controller.

There are also golf, baseball, boxing, and fencing games. Try different sports to narrow down what your dad enjoys playing.

In-home care aides work with your family to make sure your dad stays independent. With a caregiver helping out, your dad will have someone to play games with and head out on walks without worrying about being alone. Talk to an in-home care specialist to learn more.

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