Home Care Helps Your Parents Overcome Hurdles While Aging at Home

Some people never seem to age, while others experience health issues that make it harder to remain independent. Your parents have their own health issues, and you’re starting to question how they’ll be able to age at home. Before you push them into a move that may be completely unnecessary, look at the ways that home care can help them achieve their goals of remaining in their current home.

Illness or a Chronic Health Condition

Sixty percent of U.S. adults have at least one chronic health condition. Forty percent have two or more. The top chronic health conditions are heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and kidney disease.

When your parents have one or more chronic health conditions, they may need to change their daily habits. Daily exercise, improving their diet, stopping smoking, and drinking alcohol are all lifestyle changes they should make. They may need encouragement to do so.

Home Care in Kettering OH
Home Care in Kettering OH

Home care providers can help with medication reminders. They can remind your mom and dad when it’s time to order refills or schedule a doctor’s appointment. Have caregivers cook their meals, take them grocery shopping, and figure out weekly meals.

Weaker Muscle Tone or Stamina

Some people lose muscle tone and stamina as they age. It can be the result of arthritis that makes it harder to move around. It can be poor diet or lack of exercise. It makes it difficult to clean the house properly.

Carrying a vacuum up and down stairs while cleaning them is something your parents stopped doing. They haven’t scrubbed the bathtub in months. With home care providers helping out, their home is clean and free of unnecessary clutter.

Loneliness and Isolation

You live hours away. Your parents don’t seem to go out, and they don’t have a big circle of friends. You worry about them being isolated or lonely. Home care providers can offer companionship on a regular basis that can ensure your senior doesn’t spend too much time alone

Home care can also accompany your mom and dad to their medical and dental appointments. If they can’t drive, their caregivers can. You can have caregivers take them to lunch, bring them to area attractions, and plan fun outings that keep them engaged in the community.

Whether your mom has Alzheimer’s or your dad fell and broke his hip, home care is there to help them with daily activities. It can be a temporary care plan or one to provide years of help. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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