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How Does MS Impact Your Dad's Ability to Care for Himself?

Almost one million U.S. adults have multiple sclerosis (MS). While a larger percentage of women have the disease, men can also get it. Your dad is one of the men with this disease that affects the central nervous system. How will MS impact his ability to take care of himself as he ages at home? How can senior home care help as the disease progresses?

What Is MS?

MS is a disease where an unknown issue causes the immune system to attack the central nervous system, leading to damage to the fibers covering nerves (called myelin) become damaged. This damage causes many symptoms including chronic pain, fatigue, tingling and tightness in certain areas of the body, and vision issues.

This is just a start, people with MS often experience cognitive impairment, incontinence, depression and anxiety, difficulties with mobility, and constipation. Medications and lifestyle changes are necessary approaches to helping manage the disease.

Even with medications, diet, and therapies, a person with MS may experience flare-ups and remissions. This may heighten the need for daily senior home care sometimes, and then the need to reduce them when the disease is well managed.

How Will Your Dad’s Care Needs Increase?

Eight out of ten MS patients experience fatigue. Something as simple as walking from the living room to the bathroom can pose extreme challenges for your dad. Help with mobility when he’s moving from one room to another or taking a walk out to his gardens is essential.

His gait may change. Vertigo is also common. In order for him to walk around the home or while around town running errands, he needs a cane or someone to support him.

Around 80% of people with MS experience incontinence. Your dad may need help with toileting cues to avoid accidents. He might want to have an expert in incontinence care available to help him if he does have an accident.

Difficulties with vision are also common in MS patients. If your dad’s vision is affected, he won’t be able to drive. This means he needs someone to drive him to grocery stores, escort him to medical and dental appointments, and help him run errands.

Around half of those with MS report having cognitive issues. If your dad is finding his memory skills diminishing, he’s going to need help with bill paying, appointment scheduling, and prescription refills. He may need help with shopping and meal preparation, too.

When your dad has MS, make sure he has the care he needs for day-to-day routines. Senior home care services help him with everything from light housekeeping to transportation. Arrange the services that help the most by calling a senior home care expert and talking about your dad’s health and daily routines.


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