Safe Activities for Your Elderly Loved One

Spending time outside can be good for a person no matter their age. However, it is particularly good for an aging mind and body. Studies have shown that sunshine can be one of the best sources of vitamin D. Having enough vitamin D can help an elderly person keep their bones strong and muscles healthy. In addition, fresh air can lift up a person’s spirits, boost their mood, and reduce stress. Keep reading to learn some safe activities that your elderly loved one might enjoy while they are outside.

Taking a Walk

One great way for an elderly person to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors is by taking a walk. Some studies indicate taking walks can reduce the odds of experiencing a stroke and getting a heart disease. Walking can also boost circulation, build good bone health, and reduce joint inflammation. You and senior care providers should encourage your elderly loved one to take regular leisurely strolls around the block, through a park, or at a local nature center.

Planting a Garden

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Planting a garden is both fun and beneficial for the elderly. It is a light aerobic activity that can help a person build muscle mass and keep their bones strong. Gardening requires pulling weeds, carrying a watering can, and transferring a plant from one pot to another. As a family caregiver, you might even want to encourage your elderly loved one to grow veggies, spices, and a variety of herbs. Your elderly loved one can use these in their favorite recipes.

Going To A Craft Show

Many elderly people enjoy going to craft shows. They get to interact with friends, family members, and other people in their neighborhood. Your elderly loved one might even want to create some crafts to sell at the show. This will help them make some extra cash and express their creativity.

Doing Yoga

Another activity that your elderly loved one might enjoy is yoga. There are many benefits of practicing this popular activity. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Building muscle tone
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving balance

As a family caregiver, you might want to encourage your elderly loved one to contact a local yoga or senior center to see if they offer outdoor yoga activities. If you can’t get your elderly loved one to the center, a senior care provider can drive them.


There are many safe activities that can help your elderly loved one stay healthy while reaping the benefits of spending time outside. The main idea is to get your elderly loved one up and moving outdoors.


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