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What Different Mobility Aids Help an Aging Adult Move Around the Home?

It’s time to talk about your dad’s mobility after his stroke. He can’t get around the house. It might be that the stroke left him blind or his motor skills diminished. One thing is certain, he needs help getting around his home. With the help of personal care at home and these useful mobility aids, your dad can likely continue living at home safely.


Depending on your dad’s level of mobility after a stroke, a cane may be all he needs to get around his home. It offers the support he needs. A cane supports his weight, but he will need strength in his arm and wrist to hold the cane.

If a cane is right for his needs, look for a cane that’s the right height. An adjustable cane makes it easier to get the exact height. A non-slip padded hand grip will be more comfortable than a smooth handle.

Guide Dog

If his vision is poor, a guide dog is worth considering. He’ll need to get on a list and train with the dog to learn how to instruct it so that it’s able to guide him while he walks around his yard, the neighborhood, or his home.

Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is handy if your dad likes to spend time outside. It has four or five wheels and a battery to power it. Your dad sits on the seat, uses the steering mechanism to move around, and is able to start and stop with the hand controls.

Stair Lift

When your dad lives in a multi-level home, it’s important to see if it’s possible to set up his home on the main level. If he lives in a raised ranch, it means setting him up on the lower level where he’ll enter and exit through the garage or back door. If he doesn’t have a full bathroom on this level or area for washing dishes and cooking meals, it’s going to be difficult to make it work.

Instead, you might have to pay to have a stair lift installed. To get from one level to the next, he’ll use the stair lift to transport him up and down the stairs.


A walker is more substantial than a cane. It has wheels that help him move steadily along at his pace. Make sure the feet have rubberized ends for grip. A hand brake is helpful, too.


If the stroke left your dad unable to support his weight with his legs, he’ll require a wheelchair. You might want to have a couple available, especially if he has a stair lift. A shower wheelchair is also helpful for bathing.

After a stroke, your dad will require a lot of support at home. Personal care at home can help him with mobility, bathing, grooming, and dressing. If he needs help brushing and flossing his teeth, his personal care at home attendants can help him. Call a personal care at home specialist to make the arrangements.

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