24-Hour Home Care in Bellbrook OH

Why Should You Consider 24-hour Home Care for Your Senior?

Personalized, one-on-one care for your senior can be precisely the solution when she starts to experience difficulties that might otherwise cause you to recommend that she consider moving out of her home. Many seniors don’t want to go with that option, for a variety of reasons. 24-hour home care providers can ensure that your elderly family member is able to make the choice to stay in her home.

Your Senior Has Assistance with ADLs

Activities of daily living are normal activities your senior has done every day for her entire life, like walking around her home, getting in and out of bed, and eating. Eventually, these activities may become much more difficult for your senior. That’s when having help from elder care providers is essential. Your aging family member is able to be safe and have assistance when she needs it.

She Has Help with Personal Care

One big category of activities of daily living involves personal care. These are tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and other personal grooming tasks. Keeping your senior as safe as possible while also completing these activities can mean bringing in help. 24-hour home care providers can be there for your elderly family member, ensuring that she has the assistance she needs whenever necessary.

Home Care Can Help with Daily Tasks

24-Hour Home Care in Bellbrook OH

24-Hour Home Care in Bellbrook OH

Other types of help are equally important. Light household chores, especially ensuring that clutter doesn’t become a big problem for your senior’s home, are essential. They help to keep your senior safe, but they also help her to live in a home that is neat and hygienic. This can be even more important if she deals with lung issues.

They Can Remind Her to Stick to Her Routines

Another way that 24-hour home care providers can help your senior is by keeping her on schedule with her routines. Many seniors have some very strict needs, including taking medications at certain times or eating meals at specific times. Sleep routines are equally important, and when your elderly family member has help right there with her, it’s a lot easier for her to stick to those routines. All of this can help your elderly family member to be healthier and happier.

They Also Offer Companionship

It’s also vital that your elderly family member has the social interaction that she needs on a routine basis. Having caregivers there with her ensures that she’s not alone and she’s not socially isolating herself. This can be even more important if your elderly family member doesn’t live close to any friends or family members who might come and spend time with her now and again. Companions who can also help her are able to keep you better informed about what’s going on as well.

Having the assistance that she needs, the moment that she needs it, can be exactly what allows your elderly family member to age in place according to her goals. That goal may feel impossible without the right help, so it can be a huge relief to your senior to know that there’s an answer.

If you are considering 24-hour home care in Bellbrook, OH, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts At Home of Dayton today at 937-558-9394.

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