Winter Socialization - How to Help Your Elderly Loved One?

Winter is often tough for many people. The elderly often have the hardest time during the winter months. Sometimes, they find that the winter months can be lonely. They are stuck at home in hopes not to fall outside on the ice. They may not have many visitors either. If your elderly loved one needs some winter socialization, there are some ways that you can help.

Get Them Outdoors

One of the first things you or home care providers can do for your elderly loved one is to get them outdoors. Even if they aren’t going to visit anyone, getting outdoors can help tremendously. They will get some sunlight and fresh air. These two things, alone, can help your elderly loved one to feel a little better about being stuck at home. Just makes sure your elderly loved one is dressed for the weather. It might even be a good idea to get them spikes for their shoes to help prevent falls.

Getting Them Involved

Does your elderly loved one have home care providers? Do these providers make their meals or clean for them? It might help your elderly loved one to get involved in these things. Maybe they could sit down and meal plan with your elderly loved one. They can also get involved in the cleaning. For instance, your elderly loved one could fold laundry after their home care providers do the laundry. Doing things with their home care providers, or with yourself, can help your loved one to feel more socialized and connected.

Enjoying Winter with Friends and Family

Even if people can’t come to visit your elderly loved one, maybe they could video call with them. Video calls are a great way for anyone to stay connected. For instance, you could video call your elderly loved one. You could stand outside and enjoy the winter together. Maybe you live in a warmer area and your loved one lives in a colder area. You could share your winter experiences with one another. In addition, these video calls would give your elderly loved one someone to talk to and see regularly. You could encourage other family members and friends of your elderly loved one to do the same.


These are some of the best winter socialization tips for your elderly loved one. If your elderly loved one has a difficult time in the winter months,

Change your attitude towards winter. Don’t hate the season because it may require you to spend more time indoors due to inclement weather. If wintery weather or storms are predicted, make a plan to be productive indoors, and don’t waste time complaining about it! Got any tips of your own for staying happy and motivated during the winter months? Let’s hear them! Share them in the comments section or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


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