Testimonials are fascinating to read.  They are like windows into other people’s lives.   Because we all experience things differently why would we want to know about someone’s personal endorsement?  I’ll tell you why…it is because of our differences that the experiences of others, their commendations and recommendations, become relevant to our lives.  We find glimpses of ourselves in what they say and sometimes we find answers.

I read testimonials from the people hiring Touching Hearts at Home to see if they align with the mission of our business.  Touching Hearts is committed to helping adults  live in the comfort of their home when facing challenges that come with aging, medical conditions, or disabilities.  We believe having a professional caregiver, a person who is not family or friend, can make life challenges that seem impossible, possible.   It is common practice to have a doctor in your life, available when you need one…why not arrange the same relationship with non-medical caregiver.

It’s not abstract thinking.  It’s not new thinking.  But what we know from working with many individuals and families, is that it’s not common thinking.  Generations of younger to older adults have been conditioned to be independent.   Therefore, it’s awkward to ask for help and it’s even more difficult to recognize when you need it.  The pattern is to seek help when a crisis occurs. Decisions made in the midst of crisis don’t always involve the most important person, you!

So, if your goal is to continue living in the comfort of your home for a lifetime, imagine what a difference it could be to have a relationship with a professional group of people committed to making that happen.  It’s proven, the sooner we get a little bit of in-home help the longer we maintain our health, and quality lifestyle.  Sometimes family and friends are not available due to schedules or distance; plan for these times and start a relationship with us today.

Back to two testimonials that got me writing:

Touching Hearts business has been such a welcome success to our lives. This is our first time hiring an organization to spend time with Mom. She looks forward to their visits, conversations and little excursions outside of the home. I am so grateful for how warm and caring they have been with Mom.”

Janice M.  – Scotch Plains, NJ

“What a wonderful service to our community. EVERYONE should know about this service! Mary and Lorraine are two energetic, caring, professional women, who want to help people in the community and beyond!  Thank you for being there!!”

Joyce P.  – Gillette, NJ


-Ramona Hunt, M.S., Director of Leadership and Development at Touching Hearts, Inc.

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