The Amazing Miss Hazel

Strong-willed and determined, Hazel Brant is one of our Lead Caregivers here at Touching Hearts. When in need, Hazel is one of our go-to gals to get things done. She has very literally Saved the Day countless times going the extra mile by working days, nights, doubles, and even driving over an hour away to clients. She works hard and is dedicated to every client she works with and continues to look for ways to hone her skills and better herself in her passion for caregiving.

When things arise, Who ya gonna call? Why it’s Hazel Bryant.

24-Hour Home Care Brentwood TN - The Amazing Miss Hazel
24-Hour Home Care Brentwood TN – The Amazing Miss Hazel

When asked why she became a Caregiver and why she chose Touching Hearts, this is what Hazel had to say.

Why I became a caregiver

I always enjoyed helping others, when my granny got sick I was 16 years old and she was diagnosed with congested heart failure and type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure if she wanted to live longer there were things that need to change so I moved in with her to take care of her. Later, I was my mother’s caregiver when she was on Hospice for lung cancer, she passed in 1993. I became my dad’s
caregiver he was on dialysis for 6 years and he passed in 2003. But I know without a shadow of a doubt this is my true calling taking care of the elderly and this is my heart and passion.

Why I like working for Touching Hearts

I have done a lot of private work and worked for many different agencies, but when it comes to clients and employees Touching Hearts ranks number one. The owners Hailey and Bryan are amazing. The office staff is amazing and they do an awesome job of making sure each caregiver is placed where they benefit the client and if they need to readjust then they make it work for everyone. There is this saying I like, “Every shoe doesn’t fit the same foot the same way.” But with this company, they care about their clients and their employees.

If you or an aging loved one are considering 24-Hour Home Care Services in Brentwood TN, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home. Serving Middle Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Pulaski, and more!) Call today: 629-203-7925.

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