The Best Ways to Help Your Mom Stay Cool in a Heatwave

A heatwave is defined as an extended period of high heat and, often, high humidity. Many areas have already seen heatwaves kicking off the summer of 2019. In Europe, France saw the hottest temperatures ever recorded in that country’s history. By definition, a heatwave lasts three or more consecutive days.

If your mom lives in an area caught in a heatwave, it’s important to keep her cool. The elderly have a harder time regulating their body temperature, so heat stroke and heat exhaustion are risks.

Here are the best ways to help her stay cool.

Install Air Conditioning

Caregiver Thompsons Station TN - The Best Ways to Help Your Mom Stay Cool in a Heatwave

Caregiver Thompsons Station TN – The Best Ways to Help Your Mom Stay Cool in a Heatwave

Air conditioning is the best way to keep her cool in a heatwave. Window units are not overly expensive. You can often find them used. If you do buy a used unit, check the filters and vents for mildew.

If your mom lives in a building or home where the windows will not accommodate a window unit, invest the extra money in a floor unit. This unit connects to a hose and thin frame that sits in a window or sliding glass door opening. The framing for the vent hose is often as narrow as 4 inches, so it doesn’t require a large opening.

Draw in Cooler Air at Night

Draw in the cooler night air using window fans. As soon as your mom gets up, she should shut all the windows, draw the blinds, and run floor fans to keep the air circulating. This will keep her house cooler for much of the morning and help her avoid having to run air conditioning until later in the day.

Take Cool Showers or Soak in a Pool

When your mom starts feeling hot, it’s a good time to hop in a cool shower. If she doesn’t want to run the shower multiple times per day, a children’s pool set in the shade on a patio or deck gives her somewhere to go soak for a few minutes.

If she has a pool, it will help her stay cool. Ideally, she should wear a t-shirt over her swimsuit. Get that t-shirt wet and leave it on when she’s out of the pool. It will keep her cool as it dries out.

Who is Checking on Her?

When it’s hot, someone should check on your mom. If you’re not close enough to stop in each day, you need to look into the companionship services caregivers offer. A caregiver can stop in and make sure her house is cool and that she’s staying hydrated.

Find out more about pricing. Pick up the phone and give our home care agency a call to discuss caregivers who can stop by daily to visit with your mom.

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