Elder Care: Ways Seniors Can Be Happier Every Day

Loneliness and isolation are hurting millions of seniors every year. And there are very real health problems that can result from being unhappy, isolated, and lonely. But there are things that seniors and their elder care aides can do to boost their happiness, stay connected to others, and thrive as they age in place.

Four expert-recommended ways for seniors with their elder care providers can do to increase their happiness are:


Seniors who really enjoyed working may find that retirement leaves them bored and lonely. Volunteering is a fantastic way to find a new sense of purpose and put a lifetime of hard earned skills and knowledge to good use. There are thousands of volunteer organizations that are desperate for volunteers who have the time and willingness to help others. Your senior loved one may want to volunteer with an animal rescue organization caring for animals who need help or working on publicity campaigns to help find homes for those animals. Or, your senior parent may be want help at-risk kids who need the influence of a responsible adult in their lives. No matter what your senior loved one is interested in there is a volunteer organization that would love to have their help.

Make Friends

Making friends isn’t always easy for seniors, but friends help seniors stay connected to the world. Encourage your senior loved one to reconnect with old friends. Or, encourage them to join a gym, a senior’s center, or another organization where they can meet other seniors that they might have common interests with. Book clubs, movie clubs, exercise clubs, and other groups can help seniors connect with their peers. Self-help groups and support groups can also be a good way for seniors to find friends.

Find Hobbies

Seniors often don’t know what to do with their time once they have retired. Too many seniors put off finding hobbies that they were passionate about because they were busy raising kids, building careers, and taking care of responsibilities. For those seniors their golden years are their chance to find out what they really love to do. Many senior centers, libraries, and museums offer classes on things like painting, knitting or crocheting, woodworking, glass blowing, and other potential hobbies for your senior loved one. Encourage them to try out new activities and find something that they really like to do. An elder care provider can also help seniors explore new activities at home to help them discover new hobbies.

Be Active

Being active is one of the keys to good health and happiness. Seniors should be exercising at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. There are many ways that seniors can be active. Seniors may want to join a running or cycling club if they enjoy those activities. Or they can just find some seniors in the neighborhood and go for a daily walk together. Senior yoga is very popular and there are lots of fitness facilities that offer yoga classes just for seniors.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/aging/publications/features/lonely-older-adults.html

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