Families and Seniors Benefit from In-Home Care

As more adults have aging parents that are reaching their golden years in relatively decent health, there are many options available to them about how they want to live. In surveys, most seniors state they would prefer to age in place within the walls of their own home. However, illness, injury and age-related obstacles can threaten the dream they have about their golden years. Fortunately, there are more options for in-home care than ever before.

Elder Care Services Murfreesboro TN - Families and Seniors Benefit from In-Home Care

Elder Care Services Murfreesboro TN – Families and Seniors Benefit from In-Home Care

The first and most obvious answer to the dilemma of in-home care is that a family member will do it. Many relatives and adult children step up as family caregivers for their aging loved one. However, it’s rare that someone has the full freedom and availability, plus the training and temperament, to provide full-time care for an elderly relative. Family caregivers shouldn’t have to choose between caring for their loved one or leaving them alone without help. In-home care with an elder care provider resolves the issue.

Before adult children and their aging parents make any permanent decisions, it’s helpful for them to learn more about what in-home care is and is not.

In-home care is:

  • Paid, professional assistance for seniors and disabled adults
  • Trained and experienced elder care providers
  • Non-medical emphasis
  • Designed to delay moving out of the home
  • Companionship and supervision
  • Ideal for low and moderate needs
  • Personalized and customizable
  • Affordable

In-home care is not:

  • Maid service
  • Free or volunteer only
  • Medical or nurse care
  • Guardianship status
  • Exclusively for very sick people
  • Meant to replace family caregivers
  • Staffed with people who don’t care about seniors
  • Too expensive

When elderly adults get to the point where they cannot perform personal care or home care duties, they must rely on family and elder care providers. From medication reminders and meal preparation to lending a hand with personal care, elder care providers know when to let the aging adults take the lead or help them out and reduce their stress.

There are many conditions that can affect how well an elderly adult functions around the house. For example, they may be fine walking on a carpeted surface, but struggle with slippery ground in the bathroom and while showering. The aging adult may have no problems with chewing or with their appetite, but don’t have the stamina or strength to stand in the kitchen and prepare healthy meals and snacks. They may be fine going to the senior center to socialize but struggle to dress and groom themselves each morning. Elder care providers are dedicated to making the lives of their elderly friends better.

Elder care providers can help with laundry, making the bed, doing some dishes, preparing meals, personal care duties and more. It’s so important to have an elder care provider around to help seniors throughout the day. In addition to dealing with the workload and personal care, elder care providers can be devoted companions and involved assistants to aging adults seeking to live at home.

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