What’s Your Plan for Respite?

When you plan for something, it’s more likely that you’re prepared for it. That’s definitely the case with respite time. Not planning for respite means that it’s really easy for you to forget all about it, which is a mistake.

What Do You Need?

Elderly Care Pulaski TN - What’s Your Plan for Respite?

Elderly Care Pulaski TN – What’s Your Plan for Respite?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to respite. You might want one afternoon a month where you go to a movie with a friend. Or you might want time twice a week to spend catching up on a variety of errands. Whatever it is, that’s your unique experience and need taking and you need to honor it. Your needs for respite may change over time and that’s perfectly normal. Make sure you accommodate those changes when they arise.

Who Can Step In?

Some caregivers have family members who can step in and offer assistance, especially with respite. If that describes your situation, that’s a wonderful thing. You might start by making a list of people you can talk to about respite times and see if their schedule matches up with your needs. Some family members and friends are going to feel more comfortable than others with this type of help, so you may want to brainstorm a larger list than you think you need.

“No” Doesn’t Mean You Have No Options

Lots of times caregivers hear “no” from the folks they’ve opted to ask about respite time and get discouraged. Hearing no can actually be good news, especially if the people you’re asking aren’t sure they can help your senior in the ways she needs help. Also, it’s important to remember that a no now doesn’t mean no forever. You may simply need to look into other options, like elderly care providers. They can offer experienced respite care on your timetable, which is exactly what you need.

Set up Dates and Times for Respite and Stick with Them

Now that you’ve got a better idea what you need and who can help, it’s time to set up your schedule. Mark a few dates and times on the calendar that you want to take respite time and make sure you’ve got coverage for those times. The only other thing you need to do is to stick with those appointments you’ve made with yourself.

Respite isn’t something that you should feel guilty about or that you should avoid taking. Respite is a crucial part of keeping you healthy as a caregiver and as a person.

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