Do You Know These Facts about Respite Care?

What do you already know about respite time? If you’re like most caregivers, you might not really know all that much about the ins and outs of respite. Understanding it is going to give you even more tools you can use.

Respite Care Is about Fitting into Your Schedule

Home Care Belle Meade TN - Do You Know These Facts about Respite Care?
Home Care Belle Meade TN – Do You Know These Facts about Respite Care?

You might feel as if you need to be working your respite time into other people’s schedules or that you need to consult with other folks about the best time for you to take time away. The reality is that this is for you and it’s about fitting this time for you into your own schedule. What’s really important is that you’re getting the time away that you need when you need it.

Taking a Break Is Never a Bad Thing

It’s important to remember that taking a break is never a bad thing for you to do. Caregivers aren’t supposed to keep going and going, with no breaks at all. It’s normal and healthy for you to have time away from caregiving so that you can take the best care possible of yourself. If you are having trouble with the idea of taking time away, journaling about it can help.

Believe it or Not, Your Senior Needs You to Take a Break, Too

Just as much as you need a break, your senior needs breaks, too. It’s good for her to spend time with other family members or with home care providers. Spending time around other people gives her a chance to interact with different people and different viewpoints, all of which can help her to keep her brain active and engaged. When you come back, you’ll both have new things to talk about and to share with each other.

Nobody Should Be Asking You to Defend Time Away

You need to know that respite time shouldn’t be something that you have to defend from other people in your life. It is perfectly valid to need and to want time for yourself and to ensure that you get it. No matter what you have scheduled for that time, or if you never schedule anything in particular, it’s your time.

When you really understand what respite time is and what it can do for you, you’re going to be more likely to take it. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about it, but do make it a high priority for yourself.

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