Communication and Dementia: What Should You Know?

One of the main challenges related to dementia is the ability one has to communicate their own needs. It can be extremely frustrating for them and their loved ones, too. Sometimes someone with dementia will withdraw from their loved ones because of their seeming inability to communicate. Keep in mind that the brain is processing things slower than usual with the person who has dementia. There are some things you should know when it comes to communication and dementia.

Home Care Thompsons Station TN - Communication and Dementia: What Should You Know?

Home Care Thompsons Station TN – Communication and Dementia: What Should You Know?

Give Them Time

One of the most important things to do when it comes to communication and dementia is to give your loved one the time they need. They need more time than others to express themselves. It may take longer for them to get one sentence out, but they will get there. You should be patient with them and pay attention to their facial expressions while they are talking. Keep eye contact with them, too. This will give you more clues on what they are trying to say or express.

Potential Hearing Loss

Keep in mind that many people with dementia may also have some level of hearing loss. You should make sure the background noise is quiet, so your loved one can communicate easier. They need to be able to hear you and you need to be able to hear them. You should also talk slower if they do have hearing loss. This will allow them to hear you much better.

Feelings and Facts

You should also know that when it comes to dementia feelings are going to be communicated easier than facts will be. When language starts deteriorating, emotions pick up. Your loved one will have an easier time talking about how they are feeling, so be sure you listen to them. They may even be trying to express facts through feelings, so pay attention to that, as well.

Clarify Their Feelings

Just because it is easier for your loved one to communicate through feelings rather than facts, that doesn’t mean it is always easy for them to communicate their feelings. At times, you will want to clarify their feelings, especially if they are saying something different than how they are acting.

Avoid Corrections

You don’t want to correct your loved one. They are trying their best and corrections will just make them feel worse. Their reality is what it is to them. This doesn’t mean you should lie to them. Just be honest with questions rather than correcting them.

Hiring Home Care Providers

You may need to hire home care providers at some point to help take care of your loved one with dementia. If this is the case, make sure they are also aware of how to handle communication with your loved one.

These are tips for better communication with someone who has dementia. Be sure to use these tips wisely.


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