Dogs Help to Reduce Senior Loneliness

It is important to know that when senior citizens get lonely, it can affect every aspect of their health. If you are taking care of a senior loved one, you should find out ways to help them prevent loneliness. Getting them a dog is one way to help reduce senior loneliness.

Homecare Belle Meade TN - Dogs Help to Reduce Senior Loneliness

Homecare Belle Meade TN – Dogs Help to Reduce Senior Loneliness


Dogs can be a great companion for your elderly loved one. They can greet them throughout the day and be there for them when they are having a rough day, too. Dogs can be even better companions to seniors that live by themselves.


One downside of living for a long time is that people around pass away. If you are taking care of a senior loved one, they need to have a connection that sticks with them. A dog could be just what they need to prevent loneliness. A dog can be your senior’s best friend. They can connect with the dog on a level that they may not have with others around them.

Unconditional Love

Many seniors feel alone. Even if they have a family that is taking care of them, they feel like they are alone in their golden years. For other seniors, they may not have much family at all. They need unconditional love from somewhere. A dog can give them just that. A dog can fill the void they are feeling.

Great Communicators

While dog’s obviously can’t speak, they do understand what humans are going through. They can sense sadness, loneliness, happiness, and other feelings that their human is experiencing. If the senior loved one wants to share something that is going on in their life, they can do that with their dog. The dog will be there by their side listening without any judgment. By communicating with their dog, the senior won’t hold everything in.

Sense of Purpose

A dog can give your elderly loved one the sense of purpose that they need. They may be feeling down in their old age. They need to feel like they still can take care of something. A dog can give them that feeling.


A dog can also make your elderly loved one feel like they are being protected. Many elderly citizens often feel better if they aren’t living alone, even if that just means there is a dog living with them. Bigger dogs generally make the elderly loved one feel more protected.

These are some of the ways that a dog can help reduce senior loneliness. If they need even more companionship and support, you might also consider hiring a homecare provider to visit with your loved one. The homecare aides can also help your loved one to feel protected and they can communicate well with your loved one, as well.


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