TV Shows Your Mom Will Love if She Likes Mysteries

Your mom is a mystery buff. She loves every author from Agatha Christie to Kathy Reichs. These TV shows are perfect for the rainy or snowy days when it’s hard for her to get outside. If she’s looking for something to do, try these mysteries.

Death in Paradise

Senior Care Bellevue TN - TV Shows Your Mom Will Love if She Likes Mysteries
Senior Care Bellevue TN – TV Shows Your Mom Will Love if She Likes Mysteries

Death in Paradise takes place on Saint-Marie in the Caribbean. An English detective inspector is sent to the island to head up the island’s police force. One of the intriguing features of this mystery series is that the detective inspector changed every few seasons. The cast changes force the team to readjust and adapt to a different style of crime-solving.

Line of Duty

This award-winning British mystery series focuses on the AC-12, a police force that’s assigned to investigate bad cops. As their duties are to prove that highly-esteemed officers are breaking laws when catching criminals, they’re not a well-liked department.

My Life is Murder

You’ll find My Life is Murder on Acorn TV. The Australian mystery series stars Lucy Lawless, who looks nothing like her Xena: Warrior Princess days. She’s delightful as a former detective who now spends her time baking bread for a local restaurant and advising her former police force on cold cases they’re struggling to solve.

Rosemary & Thyme

If your mom likes cozy mysteries, Rosemary & Thyme is a show she won’t want to miss. The series stars a former police officer who is newly divorced after finding her husband is cheating on her and a horticulturist who loses her job after she punches her boss, a former beau, when he removes her teaching position. The pair stumble onto mysteries that rely on Rosemary’s gardening expertise and Laura’s experience as an officer.


Sherlock had a five-year run that drew a large following. Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes. Each episode was one story that was an adaptation of one of Sherlock Holmes’ stories. Stories like “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” and “The Hounds of Baskerville” were covered in this show.

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