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Background information, from a personal perspective:
I was a day care provider while my two daughters were in elementary school. Once my girls were old enough to stay home alone, I decided a career change was needed and enrolled in the school of cosmetology. After graduating, an opportunity presented itself which allowed me to open my own hair care business. During this time, I went to a local nursing home one day a week and worked with several of the residents. Cutting, curling, coloring, & perming hair. I looked forward to it as much as they did! I also went to a few of my clients homes as they were just not physically capable of making it into the salon.
I enjoy many hobbies gardening, reading, ceramics, going to my children, and grand-children's, sports. and spending time with family.
As time passed (15 years) the children grew up I became a grand mother and was seeking a new career. It's now 2007 Roger (husband) and I decided to open a senior care oriented business. Being married to a blind person for 30 years and working in the other areas of care, I feel my life long experiences transition directly to the senior care industry.
Dealing with deteriorating vision from the time I started Kindergarten has required me to continually adjust my life. From sitting in the front of the class room in order to see the blackboard, to large print books in high school. From a closed circuit monitor used to blow up print and computer screens in college, to speech software. I have learned to continue to do the things I enjoy via education, compromise, and the desire to seek out other options. As alternatives become a reality, it's really easy to simply give up and say I just can't do that any more. I really enjoy helping others, my family, sports, and the out doors. I coached volleyball, softball, and basketball while our girls were growing up. Since becoming a grandfather, football & baseball. I don't want to mislead anyone, there were always multiple coaches and I assisted where I could. I've helped family and friends roof their homes, lay driveways, & build decks. Now you probably don't want me doing the finish work, but I can push a wheel barrel, carry shingles, and use a shovel. I guess what I'm saying is once you lose the capability to do something; you just need to let your imagination take over. No what your capable of and your limitations. Yes, most of the time there will be others involved, but what the heck! The more, the merrier, right! Most importantly, you're still doing what it is you like to do. After all, that's the goal! For our seniors, there are several ways to clear a hurdle; we just need to use our imaginations to come up with the one which works best! That's what we do!
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Compassionate Care for Seniors and their Families.Service area includes: Bennington, Council Bluffs, Elkhorn, Millard, North Omaha, Omaha, Ralston, South Omaha, Valley, Waterloo, West Omaha, (Counties in Iowa) Pottawattamie County, (Counties in Nebraska) Douglas County. Specializing in Hospital Recovery Rehab Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer's Care, Respite Care, Live-in Care, Rehab & Hospital Recovery Care.
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Senior Home Care Client Service Request Form
Home Care Client with Caregiver Caregiving Opportunities