A Warm Bath Could Help Seniors Sleep Better

Many older adults have difficulty falling asleep at night.
Not getting enough sleep can make them feel tired during the day. They may not have enough energy to perform daily activities or do the things they enjoy. There are many ways to improve the sleep of seniors. Recent research suggests that one way to fall asleep more quickly is by taking a warm bath.

The Warm Bath and Sleep Study

Several studies have been conducted in the past regarding bathing and sleep. Recently, researchers reviewed the data collected from previous studies to gather new insight into how bathing affects sleep. They found that taking a warm bath or shower lasting as little as just 10 minutes could help people to fall asleep more quickly as well as keep them asleep for longer.

Scientists say the reason a warm bath or shower helps with sleep is because the body naturally starts to lower in temperature about one or two hours before the person normally goes to sleep. Taking a warm bath or shower moves this process along by affecting circulation, bringing blood from the inner part of the body closer to the skin where it cools, bringing body temperature down. The researchers say that taking a bath or shower will work best for improving sleep if they are taken between one and two hours before going to bed.

Other Ways to Improve Sleep

In addition to taking a warm bath or shower, there are many other tips and tricks that can improve sleep for older adults. Some of them are:

Daytime Sunlight: Spending some time outside in the sunshine helps to keep the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythm) working well.

Routine: Sticking to a regular schedule of waking and sleeping helps to cue the body when it is time to sleep.

Eating: Avoid the older adult going to bed with a full or empty stomach. Both can keep them awake. Also, they should not have caffeine close to bedtime because it is a stimulant.

Naps: Seniors should not take long naps during the day because they will be less likely to feel sleepy at night.

Senior care can assist older adults to use the above tips to sleep better. A senior care provider can prepare a warm bath or shower and help them to get safely in and out of it. Senior care providers can also keep older adults on a more consistent schedule by stopping by to get them up in the morning and again at night to put them to bed. Senior care providers can also keep older adults busier during the day, so they feel more tired at night.

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