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4 Things Seniors Should Know If They’re Adopting A Cat

June is National Adopt A Cat Month and it’s a great time for seniors to think about bringing a new furry friend home. Cats are fantastic low-maintenance pets for seniors. Senior cats love to cuddle and nap and aren’t going to have the kind of high energy that kittens have, so senior cats are often recommended as companions for seniors. And there are many senior cats who need good homes and are waiting for adoption. If your senior parent has never had a cat before but is interested in adopting a cat some things they should know are:

Cats Are Very Loving

Cats have a reputation for being aloof but cats are a lot more loving and affectionate than most people realize. Just like people every cat has their own personality so some cats are more reserved while others are very affectionate. Your senior parent is sure to be able to find the perfect cat companion for them no matter what type of pet they prefer. It’s a good idea for your senior parent to spend some time with any potential cats they want to adopt before bringing them home to make sure that their personalities are a good match.

Senior Cats Are Pretty Healthy

Some people are scared off from adopting senior cats because they think that senior pets are more prone to health problems that can be expensive to treat. But senior cats can be extremely healthy, especially if they are getting routine preventative vet care each year. Senior cats can live long healthy lives as long as they are getting fed a quality diet and have a safe and loving home. Don’t let fear of health problems prevent your senior parent from loving a senior cat.

Cats Don’t Need Much

Compared to some other types of pets cats are very low-maintenance. All they really need is a high quality food, some toys, a litter box, and a warm cozy bed or lap to sleep in. Cats are companion animals and like to be with humans. They don’t need to be walked or taken outside in all kinds of weather. And they don’t take up all the space in the bed. And your senior parent may not know this but some cats can actually be taught to do tricks and follow commands. When it comes to companions cats are a great choice.

Home Care Makes Cat Care Easy For Seniors

Many seniors also worry about their ability to physically take care of a cat as they get older. Cleaning the litterbox, lifting heavy boxes or bags of litter and food, and driving to the vet are big concerns for seniors. They’re valid concerns. But home care can help seniors with any physically demanding tasks involved in taking care of a pet. With home care seniors won’t have to worry about shopping for their pet, cleaning the litterbox, or getting them to the vet for their routine vet visits. There’s no reason not to adopt a cat now or in the future.

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