Companion Care at Home in Parker CO

How Companion Care at Home Helps Seniors Manage Depression

Depression is something that impacts a huge number of seniors. Some estimates are that more than 13% of seniors have at least minor depression. While many seniors desire to age in place, they can run the risk of becoming isolated and depressed. Companion care at home is the answer. Seniors who have companion care at home get regular visits from a care provider who can spend one on one time with them doing things like:

Going Shopping And Running Errands

One of the things that can make seniors feel isolated is being unable to do shopping and simple errands. If seniors no longer drive doing errands and shopping can be a big hassle. And it’s just not fun to have to shop or run errands alone. So often seniors will not do regular shopping or errands and will just stay at home. With companion care seniors have a friend who can drive them to do errands, help them do the shopping, and make outings a lot more fun.

Going To Appointments

Whether it’s going to a medical appointment, a hair appointment, or any other kind of appointment seniors are much more likely to keep the appointment if they have someone to go with them who can help them with transportation, managing their money, and the logistics of getting into the building. A dedicated companion can attend appointments with seniors to make them more confident and comfortable during the appointment.

Going Out To Eat

Going out to eat is a great way to make sure that seniors are getting enough to eat and getting the socialization they need to fight off depression and anxiety. Seniors are much more likely to eat full meals if they are out at a restaurant, and they can bring the leftovers home for additional meals. But very few people enjoy eating in a restaurant alone. That’s not fun. Seniors who have a companion can go out to eat or get coffee with their companion and share great conversation and some laughs as well delicious restaurant meals.

Doing Projects And Crafts

Another thing that seniors can do to help avoid the symptoms of depression is find a hobby. Doing arts and crafts like painting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, making pottery, or making crafts from kits are all fun hobbies that seniors really enjoy. But those activities are a lot more fun when seniors have someone to do those things with them. Companion care at home can help your senior parent learn new crafts, pick up supplies at the craft store, or get tips on perfecting their craft from online classes and videos.

Going For Walks

Seniors sometimes hesitate to get out in nature because they worry about falling or getting lost if they’re on their own. With a companion seniors can enjoy the benefits of being in nature knowing they have someone with them who can help them if they need it.


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