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Symptoms of TIA Seniors Should Know

Almost 250,000 adults in the United States have transient ischemic attacks, or TIAs, every single year. TIAs are often called a “ministroke.” They are caused by blocked blood flow to the brain. TIA occurs most often in people who are over the age of 55.

Ministroke can be an indicator that a senior has a high risk for having a stroke. According to research done about TIAs and strokes around 18% of seniors who have a TIA will have a full-blown stroke within 3 months.
TIAs typically don’t involve pain, just pressure and a sensation like that of being underwater. Because they aren’t usually painful seniors and their families could miss the signs of a TIA. If your senior loved one has home care, that make it easier for them to get care immediately if they do have a TIA. Home care providers are taught to recognize the symptoms of a TIA and you should know them too. Just remember the acronym FAST:

Face Drooping

The face drooping that a senior experiences during a TIA is similar to the face drooping that happens during a full-blown stroke. One side of the face will droop suddenly or look out of balance and proportion. If you notice that your senior loved one’s face looks like one side is drooping don’t second guess your instincts and get help for them immediately.

Arm Weakness

Arm weakness may be complete inability to use the arm, a loss of some strength in the arm, or just a slight feeling of weakness. Your senior loved one may think that they are having a heart attack but if there is arm weakness with the other symptoms of a TIA then it’s probably not a heart attack. Either way it’s a good idea to get medical care for your senior parent right away.

Slurred Speech

If your senior parent suddenly starts slurring their words or tries to speak but can’t, that’s a red flag that you need to take seriously. Ask your senior loved one to say their name or repeat what they just said and listen closely to their speech. Call for help immediately if this is the case.

Time to Call 911

Never wait to call for help for your senior loved one if you think they are having a TIA. Although TIAs are usually not fatal, it’s very important that your senior parent sees a doctor. Sometimes the warning signs of a stroke are so mild that seniors don’t realize they’re having them. But if they have a TIA that is a clear indication that they could experience a stroke.

TIAs can result in injuries or deficiencies that will take months to recover from. This is why one of the reasons why it’s so important that seniors get medical care as fast as possible if they’re having a TIA.


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