Benefits of Employment

Benefits of Employment through Touching Hearts at Home

Are you compassionate, reliable, and dedicated?

If you answered “yes” to the above, please take the next steps and apply to join us and become a professional Caregiver.

No previous experience necessary

Touching Hearts at Home will teach you the fundamentals of professional caregiving. All new employees go through onboarding and orientation that provides the foundation required for providing exceptional in-home care. In addition to initial training, courses are offered and available for on-going education. For example, the more you know about conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, the more opportunities you have to provide care for clients with those conditions.

We want you to know that when you choose to work with us, we work with you. You are key to the work we do.


We work together to develop a flexible schedule – for example, if you are only available every other weekend, or every other night, we will work to establish a schedule that best fits your needs. Part-time opportunities are available.


When you apply for employment at Touching Hearts at Home, you will learn about the benefits, including pay, offered at the specific agency in your area. Touching Hearts at Home locations are independently owned and locally operated. We recognize the hard work and demands that come with caregiving. Because the people you care for have diverse needs, you are called on to be ready and willing to support their plan of care.


There are many active roles in Touching Hearts at Home that make room for advancement in the company. Explain your interests in employment advancement when you know you want to do things beyond the important role of professional caregiving. The need for in-home care is essential for the growing senior population of older adults, and those with medical conditions or living with a disability. Because of this demand, there is often room for advancement for reliable, dedicated, and compassionate employees.

Priceless benefits

Every day you will make a difference in someone’s life, be it an individual person or their family. We combat loneliness and depression. There is something that expands the heart when you help give someone else the best day they can have. That’s what Touching Hearts at Home’s mission is all about. Your work as a professional Caregiver is priceless when someone is living alone or without daily support from family or friends.

Join our exceptional group of Caregivers and help begin making a difference in someone’s life today.