In-Home Care in Hutchinson KS

In-Home Care Can Help Your Senior Parent Avoid Falls

Falling at home is the most common way that seniors get hurt. Every year millions of seniors end up in the hospital because of falls at home. Falls can happen in an instant, and they can happen anywhere in the house. But most falls happen in the bathroom, or when a senior is trying to get in or out of bed.

In-home care can help keep seniors safe and prevent falls. Caregivers have extra training in safe methods of transferring seniors. They know what equipment to use, and how to use it, so that they can safely help seniors get out of bed or into bed.

With in-home care, seniors of all shapes and sizes with a range of medical conditions can safely and easily shower, get into bed, or get out of bed safely. That also helps keep you safe, because you can get hurt if you’re trying to help your senior parent get into the shower or out of the shower safely or into or out of bed safely.

Other things you can do that can help your senior parent avoid falls at home are:

Paint The Walls

One of the reasons why seniors fall at home is that they can’t see where the wall ends. Seniors who have low vision or seniors who have Alzheimer’s and have poor spatial recognition may not be able to see doorways, corners, and other features. A great way to fix this issue is to repaint the walls in your senior parent’s home using contrasting colors. Bright contrasting colors on walls and trim will make them more visible. You can also use colored tape or put up signs on the wall in bright colors.

Remove Rugs

Area rugs can be deadly for seniors. They bunch up, slip, and can be very slippery to walk on. You should remove any area rugs from your senior parent’s home. If rugs are necessary for floor insulation, then wall-to-wall carpet should be installed. Or, get some caulk and caulk area rugs to the floor so that they won’t slip.

Use Anti-Slip Mats

Anti-slip mats designed for wet surfaces are ideal for the kitchen and the bathroom. Put them near the sinks, in the shower, and anywhere else your senior might walk where the floor could be slippery. If you live in a climate with a lot of rain and snow in the winter it’s a good idea to put an anti-slip mat in the doorway so that your senior parent won’t slip on water tracked in on boots.

Install Motion Activated Lights

Motion activated lights make it possible for seniors to see where they’re going without them having to go down a long hallway to turn on the lights. When your senior parent gets out of bed or is going down the hall to go to the bathroom it can be a struggle for them to turn on the lights. With motion activated lights in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallways the lights will turn on automatically which is much safer for your senior parent.

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