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Five Benefits of Soup for Seniors

Have you been looking for a way to get more nutrition into your senior’s diet? Soup might be just the perfect answer. Soups are hydrating, delicious, and easy to pack with a ton of different ingredients that are incredibly nutritious. You can even find recipes for soup that are perfect for hot summer weather when they’re served cold straight from the refrigerator.

Soup Hydrates Really Well

Soup, by its very nature, contains a lot of liquid. That makes it a very hydrating meal, whether you’re talking about cold-weather soups or cold soups that are perfect for hotter weather. If your elderly family member finds it difficult to get enough water into her diet every day, soup can be a great way to make up some of the difference. Soup is tasty, so it’s not like drinking eight glasses of plain water.

Soup Is Easy to Make

If your elderly family member is still interested in doing her own cooking, the good news is that it can be really easy to make. Making soup from whole vegetables and other ingredients is easy enough, and elder care providers can do some of the chopping and prepping for your senior. Another option is to use frozen or canned ingredients, just be careful to choose versions that don’t have a lot of added salt or sugar.

Soup Is Versatile

You can put just about anything into soup. There are meat and seafood versions of soups, but you can also make vegetarian versions with beans and other protein-rich ingredients. Adding noodles, other pasta shapes, and rice help to bulk up brothy soups, too. No matter what your senior’s preferences are or the dietary concerns she needs to keep in mind, there are a few dozen soup recipes that can fit the bill.

You Can Pack a Lot of Nutrients into Soup

The really important thing to remember is that you can get an awful lot of nutrition into a simple soup. It’s also good to remember that soup is a balanced dish, especially if you’re including things like whole grain pasta, a variety of vegetables, and leaner proteins. Using bone broth as a base can add even more nutrition.

Soup Stores Easily

And once that big pot of soup is finished, it’s really easy to store servings for later. Elder care providers can separate the soup into single-serving containers that are easy for your elderly family member to reheat straight from the freezer. Leftover soup doesn’t tend to be as avoidable for people who tend to dislike leftovers, too. If home care providers are cooking for your senior, they might make two or three different bathes of soup and help your senior to rotate through the different options during the week or month.
Soup is often overlooked as a simple meal, but it has got tremendous benefits for aging adults all year long. Giving soup a try more often can help your elderly family member to get the nutrients that she needs and enjoy her meals, too.

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