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How Can Seniors Prevent Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are a common condition that can affect people of all ages, but seniors tend to have a higher risk for this condition due to age-related changes in their kidneys. Kidney stones can be extremely painful and they can also lead to big complications like kidney infections or damage that creates bigger health problems later. Seniors may be able to do a lot more than they think in order to prevent kidney stones, especially with the help of home care assistance.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest things that seniors can do to prevent kidney stones is to keep themselves properly hydrated. When seniors don’t get enough water, their body has a tougher time flushing out the kidneys and getting rid of waste products and minerals that can lead to kidney stones. Getting enough water every day is sometimes difficult for aging adults, especially if they don’t realize that they’re thirsty. Senior care providers can remind seniors to stay hydrated and also help to make sure that plenty of water-rich foods are available for them to eat throughout the day.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Seniors who are prone to kidney stones might have gotten a recommendation from their doctor to change their diet a bit. Eating a balanced diet that hits all of the big nutritional green flags is so important for aging adults who find it way too easy to battle kidney stones. Limiting some foods, like high oxalate foods, might be recommended by their doctor to keep kidney stones under control.

Stick to a Medication Regimen

Some seniors may need to take specific medications or supplements in order to keep themselves as healthy as possible. Having a good system for remembering to take medications properly is important, too. Home care assistance can make it easier for seniors to remember to take medications when and how they should.

Get More Physical Activity

Being more physically active can help seniors to be healthier overall, especially since it can help to improve circulation and keep digestion moving properly. Both of those factors can be important for someone trying to focus on kidney health. Seniors who haven’t exercised regularly need to start slowly and build up their activity levels over time.

Get Help as Needed

Home care assistance can make life easier for seniors in so many ways. For seniors who have a high probability of developing kidney stones, home care assistance can make it easier to stick to their diet and get other help as they need it. Senior care providers can focus on doing the things that really make a difference for aging adults and letting them rest when possible.

Preventing kidney stones is a multi-faceted situation for seniors. There’s a combination of lifestyle changes and other factors that might need to take place in order to keep aging adults healthy and free of the pain that kidney stones can bring. Home care assistance helps to make that process a lot easier, both for seniors and the family caregivers who love them.

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