Caregiver and client watering plants

While there are many health precautions that senior or vulnerable populations can take, there remains one risk that is often overlooked but vitally important: loneliness.

Our caring staff helps provide the fulfillment of a caring community where there otherwise may not be one.

Touching Hearts at Home professional Caregivers provide emotional support and companionship, and promote positive outcomes in difficult situations by remaining a consistent source of social interaction.

Companionship services include engaging activities such as:

  • Friendly conversation
  • Playing games, cards, or other mind-stimulating activities
  • Reading and discussing books, papers, and magazines
  • Working together on hobby or craft activities
  • Watching movies/streaming services
  • Discussing current or historical events

We make it easy to get started with a complimentary initial consultation. We get to know each other, listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and can share the experience of other local families with whom we’ve worked. We’ll make recommendations for a care plan that best serves yours or your loved one’s needs.

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