24-Hour Home Care Spring Hill TN - Do Seniors Aging At Home Need Around The Clock Care?

Do Seniors Aging At Home Need Around The Clock Care?

When seniors are trying to decide if they want to age in place one of the things that they need to think about is how much home care they need now, and how much they may need in the future. Often seniors and their families wonder if they need 24-hour care services or if just care during the day is enough. And the answer to that depends on a lot of factors like the senior’s overall health and mobility, what medical conditions they have, if family lives nearby, and many others.

Not every senior needs 24-hour home care right off the bat, but there can be a lot of benefits that come from having 24-hour home care.

Typically seniors benefit the most from having 24-hour home care if they:

Have Serious Medical Conditions

Seniors that have serious medical conditions should have 24-hour home care so that someone is always with them. Seniors who have had a stroke or heart attack are more likely to have another one, and having someone in the house overnight with them who can call for medical help if necessary may save their lives. Seniors who have had a serious fall also should have someone with them around the clock in case they fall again. Having someone in the house may not prevent all medical emergencies but it does ensure that your senior parent will get the help they need fast.

Live Far Away From Family

If you live far away from your senior parent and you wouldn’t be able to get there quickly in an emergency your senior parent should have 24-hour home care. When a caregiver is there around the clock then your senior won’t have to deal with any medical emergencies or illnesses alone. There will be someone there that will be able to help them with medication, call an ambulance, take them to the emergency room, or do whatever else needs to be done in the moment.

Need A Wheelchair or Have Limited Mobility

If your senior parent is in a wheelchair or if they have limited mobility that makes it difficult for them to get around, they should have 24-hour home care. Your senior loved one may need help getting into or out of bed or doing something like getting a snack or making coffee. If someone is with them all the time they won’t have to struggle to do basic tasks around the house because there will be someone right there to help them with whatever they need.

24-Hour Home Care Spring Hill TN - Do Seniors Aging At Home Need Around The Clock Care?

24-Hour Home Care Spring Hill TN – Do Seniors Aging At Home Need Around The Clock Care?

Have Severe Depression Or Anxiety

Seniors who have severe depression or anxiety can also benefit from around the clock care. Seniors who have depression or anxiety can sometimes get too caught up in the cycle of worry and anxiety for their own good. Having a companion there all the time means that they will have someone there to talk to, to go on walks with, and someone who can listen to them and try to help them through dark periods when their symptoms are bad.

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