24-Hour Home Care Bellevue TN - Helping Seniors With Balance Issues

Helping Seniors With Balance Issues

Balance changes begin in midlife and continue with age. These changes may cause seniors to hold on to stair railings more often and feel less secure with uneven flooring or terrain. The good news is that with the help of 24-hour home care services, seniors can add a few techniques to their day to increase their confidence and balance.

Understanding Balance

The vestibular system in the ear uses fluid-filled tubes lined to keep your head and body in place. Additionally, there are special cells in the body’s muscle system called proprioceptors that tell the brain where the body is in space.

Both of these things work with pressure-sensing sensors in the skin on the bottoms of feet to let the brain quickly assess the walking base, such as carpet or a slippery bathroom floor. Essentially, the brain is constantly busy making changes that help keep seniors upright and balanced. Experts also think that the muscular system supports balance and that having a strong base is key.

Working on Balance Every Day

It is essential to work on balance every day to increase seniors’ stability. 24-hour home care can help encourage seniors and work with loved ones to ensure the home environment supports balance.

If loved ones or seniors are concerned about balance issues, talking with medical professionals is important. They can assess if medication or certain medical conditions are causing balance issues and advise on improving the situation. Consider the following tricks to help seniors find their balance.

  • Figure out which leg is their dominant leg – then start exercises with the leg they use less
  • Make sure seniors focus on form and posture while exercising
  • Encourage seniors to keep their eyes on a steady point straight ahead
  • Help seniors find a good base by starting with their feet farther apart
  • Pay attention to seniors’ distribution of weight and encourage them to balance the weight evenly


To help seniors build a strong base, they can focus on activities that strengthen their lower body muscles, such as walking, riding a bike, or going up and down stairs. They can be assisted with the help of 24-hour home care to motivate them to keep moving and ensure they’re safe during the activity.

Many classes can be found that are targeted toward seniors. Seniors might also enjoy yoga, pilates, or tai chi classes in person or online. These activities help build a stronger core, increase flexibility, and increase balance.

24-Hour Home Care Bellevue TN - Helping Seniors With Balance Issues

24-Hour Home Care Bellevue TN – Helping Seniors With Balance Issues

Don’t Forget to Focus on Safety

When working on balance, seniors need to remember to do so safely. They might feel frustrated when starting out, but doing too much at once might increase their risk of falls. Letting seniors know that it’s okay to hold onto the wall or a wide-based chair when first working with balance exercises is key.

24-hour home care aids can help seniors take things slow and motivate them to progress daily. Since falls are a common concern for seniors, working on their balance each day is important. 24-hour home care can introduce small changes seniors can make to increase their stability.

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