24-Hour Home Care Franklin TN - How Seniors Can Be Safe At Home As They Age

How Seniors Can Be Safe At Home As They Age

Safety is one of the primary concerns of seniors as they get older at home, and it’s important to their families too. If you live far away from a senior parent who is aging at home you’re probably very concerned with their safety since you can’t get there quickly if something happens. The best solution to the safety problem for seniors who are aging at home is 24-hour home care services. 24-hour home care means that seniors aren’t ever home alone. There is always someone with them that is awake and alert and keeping an on them and on the house.

24-hour home care aides are very important because it means that seniors don’t have to worry about things like:


Fire is one of the biggest concerns for seniors because it can be very difficult for seniors to get out of the house quickly in an emergency like a fire. Seniors who take sleeping medication or are heavy sleepers may not even hear the fire alarm going off in time to get out of the house safely. But with 24-hour home care there will be a caregiver there who can put the fire out quickly, or get your senior loved one out of the house quickly if they can’t stop the fire. They can also call for emergency help when needed.

Bad Weather Emergencies or Power Outages

Bad storms are becoming more frequent, and whether it’s tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, or excessive heat seniors can be at risk when bad weather happens. Having a caregiver in the house with your senior parent means that your senior loved one will have help to get to safety and that is vital when time is of the essence as it is in a natural disaster. If there is a wildfire or a flood your senior loved one won’t have time to wait for emergency help. And with 24-hour home care they won’t have to wait to get out safely.

Power outages are more than just an inconvenience. If the power goes out and your senior loved one depends on medical equipment like a CPAP or supplement oxygen they could be in trouble pretty quickly. Seniors are also much more susceptible to excessive heat and cold, both of which can quickly become a dangerous situation if the power is out for an extended period of time. If the power goes out a caregiver can help make sure your senior loved one is comfortable while finding help to get them to a better environment.

24-Hour Home Care Franklin TN - How Seniors Can Be Safe At Home As They Age

24-Hour Home Care Franklin TN – How Seniors Can Be Safe At Home As They Age

Falling Or Health Related Emergencies

If your senior loved one falls or has a medical emergency every second counts. They can get the emergency help they need faster if there is a caregiver in the house with them. A caregiver can also go to the hospital with them so that they are not alone and scared. And they can keep you informed about your senior parent’s condition in real time. All of those things will give you and your senior loved one peace of mind.



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