How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Lower Electric Bills This Summer

Many family caregivers assist their aging relatives with their finances. This can include helping them to budget their money. Because many seniors live on a reduced income after retirement, getting the money to stretch far enough can be difficult. One way family caregivers can help them to save money is by assisting them to make simple changes to lower their electric bills during the hot summer months.

Below are some suggestions for reducing the electric bill.

Unplug Unused Appliances and Devices

Caregiver Bellevue TN - How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Lower Electric Bills This Summer

Caregiver Bellevue TN – How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Lower Electric Bills This Summer

Did you know that even when certain things that use electricity are turned off, they still draw electrical current, which raises the electric bill? Caregivers can help seniors to lower the bill by reminding them to unplug appliances and devices when they are not in use.

Some things to unplug include:

  • Computer.
  • Coffee maker.
  • Charging cords that are not being used.

By unplugging unused items, your aging relative could lower their bill by as much as 20 percent.

Use the Energy Saver Mode on the AC

It might be tempting to turn the air conditioner (AC) off when the older adult isn’t home. However, it’s actually more cost effective to use the energy saver mode. This keeps the house cooler but runs the AC less. When you completely turn off the AC, the house heats up fast. Then, when the AC is turned back on, it has to work much harder to return the temperature to a comfortable level.

Close the Blinds

While it’s nice to have natural light flooding the house during the day, it also results in the sun heating up the house. By closing the blinds or curtains during the day, caregivers can reduce the amount of heat streaming into the house through the windows.

Use Ceiling Fans

If the older adult has ceiling fans, caregivers should turn them on even when the air conditioner is running. Ceiling fans help to circulate the cool air throughout the house, so the AC doesn’t have to work so hard. During the summer, make sure the rotation of the fan is set to counter-clockwise, which blows air downward.

Turn Down the Water Heater

Water heaters are responsible for about 18 percent of the energy bill. Your aging relative’s water heater should be set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher and they could be scalded. Also, who really wants to take a steamy shower when the house is already warm?

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