Five Intentions You Could Set to Help You Be Happier

When you’re a happier caregiver, you’re much more effective, too. Setting the right intentions and checking in that you’re meeting them, can help you to reach both ultimate goals.

Plan to Accept and to Ask for More Help

Caregiver Franklin TN - Five Intentions You Could Set to Help You Be Happier
Caregiver Franklin TN – Five Intentions You Could Set to Help You Be Happier

One of the best ways to be happier as a caregiver is to learn to ask for and to accept help more regularly. This allows you to share some of the workload of caregiving. Very often caregivers are reluctant to ask for help because they don’t always get it, first of all, but also it feels awkward and wrong to be asking for help. Everyone needs help now and again, even the people who are handling all the heavy lifting.

Reach Out to Others More Often

On the surface, reaching out to others more often sounds a lot like asking for help more often but it’s more than that. You’re also looking for emotional support, which might mean venting about things that are upsetting you or it might mean simply reconnecting with people you care about. Humans need connection and while you’re a caregiver, you’re also a human being.

Make it a Goal to Take Breaks

Taking breaks is another regular intention you need to set. Very few people are able to successfully do anything constantly, without ever taking a break. You have got to give yourself time away to rest and to reset your body and your mind for what’s coming next. The best way to do that is with a break.

Focus on Your Health Some

If you’ve been ignoring your own health needs, they’ll eventually get to the point at which you truly cannot continue to do so. Your health is a critical part of you continuing to be a caregiver for as long as you want to. You need to make and keep appointments with your own doctor so that you can handle whatever health changes you’re facing.

Be Kind to Yourself

Caregivers tend to expect a lot out of themselves. If you’re finding that is true for yourself, you need to practice being a little kinder to yourself. Some days you’re on top of everything and some days are a little more chaotic. Regardless, you’re still doing the best that you can do.

Focusing on yourself might feel selfish, but it helps you to be a better caregiver. You don’t stop being a whole person just because you’re caring for someone else.

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