Companion Care at Home Nashville TN - Foods Seniors With High Blood Pressure Should Avoid

Foods Seniors With High Blood Pressure Should Avoid

When seniors are diagnosed with high blood pressure they often need to make some big dietary changes. Some of those dietary changes are necessary so that seniors aren’t eating foods that can interact badly with their medication. And other changes are necessary because some of the chemicals that are in many of the foods that seniors eat regularly can cause blood pressure to spike. Seniors with high blood pressure also need to do things like exercise regularly, manage stress, and get enough sleep. Hiring companion care at home services could help them to follow through on the plan.

When it comes to their diet seniors with high blood pressure should avoid these foods:


Grapefruit is known to interact badly with many medications, including the medications that are often prescribed by doctors to seniors who have high blood pressure. Not every senior that is on high blood pressure medication will have a bad interaction if they eat grapefruit but the risk is high enough that seniors should just avoid it. Grapefruit is a good source of Vitamin C and minerals but seniors can get Vitamin C from supplements and minerals from other foods like dark leafy greens.

Fried Foods

Giving up fried foods can be tough. But the batter used to make fried foods and the oil used to fry them often contains trans-fat, which can cause major blood pressure spikes and put a lot of pressure on the heart. That’s why in some places oils and foods containing trans fats are banned. But there is some good news for seniors. Air fryers can make foods crispy and delicious without batter and without frying. So seniors that still want to be able to enjoy crisp French fries or other foods that typically are fried can still get the taste they crave without the oil and batter. Air fried vegetables are healthy and delicious and make great snacks. Air fryers may be tough for seniors to operate but companion care at home can make it easier.

Canned Foods

Canned foods are usually recommended for seniors because they are an economical way for seniors to get vegetables and fruits. Canned foods are also shelf stable and last longer than fresh vegetables. But most canned vegetables are very high in sodium, and sodium can cause high blood pressure to get worse. Fresh vegetables are the best choice for seniors, but frozen vegetables are a good second choice when fresh vegetables aren’t available. Seniors who want the stability of having canned vegetables in the house should can their own so they can control the amount of sodium used. Seniors with companion care at home  can get help canning vegetables and fruits and storing them safely.

Companion Care at Home Nashville TN - Foods Seniors With High Blood Pressure Should Avoid

Companion Care at Home Nashville TN – Foods Seniors With High Blood Pressure Should Avoid


Seniors with high blood pressure shouldn’t drink hard alcohol or even some kinds of beer. Occasional glasses of wine or other alcohol are usually fine, but seniors should check with their doctors to get individual recommendations for how often they can drink and what alcohol is ok for them to drink.





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