Companion Care at Home Spring Hill TN - Important Reasons to Declutter Your Dad's Home

Important Reasons to Declutter Your Dad's Home

The older he gets, the worse your dad has become at keeping his home free of clutter. He has books laying on the floor next to his bed. If he goes outside, he leaves his shoes near the door. Newspapers and recyclables overflow in his bin. Sofa cushions often end up on the floor. Magazines are scattered on the floor next to his favorite chair. It’s time to address the clutter in your dad’s home. Hiring companion care at home services could help to attain and keep this goal.

Here’s why it’s so important and how companion care at home aides may help.

Clutter Makes It Harder for Firefighters

When a room is packed with clutter, it does two things. First, it can fuel fires, especially if that clutter is books, magazines, clothing, or newspapers. If a fire sparks, those items feed the fire.

Second, firefighters may find the clutter makes it harder for them to reach where they need to go. If they need to go to the basement, but there is dirty laundry tossed down the stairs, they get downstairs without first kicking or moving the laundry out of the way. It gives the fire more time to build before they can start fighting it.

Clutter Increases the Risk of a Fall

Clutter increases your dad’s fall risk. If he sets his shoes on the side of the stairs after he’s been outside, he has to actively avoid those shoes while walking downstairs. It narrows his walking path, which increases the risk of a fall.

Pet toys should be put away after a session of play. A hard ball in a darker hallway could be disastrous at night. Laundry baskets in the front of the sofa become something to remember to step around. All of this can lead to a fall and severe injury.

Clutter Drags You Down

When a room is cluttered, it can drag you down emotionally and mentally. It’s harder to be happy when you’re looking around at a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Clutter is distracting and frustrating, which impacts your mental and emotional health.

Clutter Can Attract Mice

Companion Care at Home Spring Hill TN - Important Reasons to Declutter Your Dad's Home

Companion Care at Home Spring Hill TN – Important Reasons to Declutter Your Dad’s Home

Mice like to burrow and nest in items that don’t get moved around. The clutter in one of your dad’s rooms can attract and create a warm, cozy home for a mouse. Mice bring in disease. They can bring fleas into your dad’s home.

Prevent falls, fire hazards, and irritation by making sure the items in your dad’s home all have a place. If he has more items than he has space, it’s time to declutter. Once that’s done, hire our companion care at home agency to help keep your dad’s home clean and organized.

Companion care at home services assist with everything from cleaning to shopping. Your dad can have someone to join him when he shops for groceries and help him put everything away. Learn more by making a call.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Companion Care at Home Services in Spring Hill TN, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home. Serving Middle Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Pulaski, and more!) Call today: 629-203-7925.

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