Help Seniors Avoid These Winter Hazards

Nearly everyone struggles a little with the cold, snow, and ice of winter weather. However, older adults may have even more challenges than younger adults do. For one thing, they are more susceptible to falls and serious injury because of them. Slippery surfaces can increase the risk of falling even more. In addition, older adults can get hypothermia more easily because they tend to lose body heat more quickly and may not notice they are getting cold. In addition to these winter hazards, there are several more that you may not have even thought of. Below are some winter hazards for older adults and ways elder care can help seniors to avoid them.  

Senior Care in Brentwood TN
Senior Care in Brentwood TN: Avoiding problems during winter weather.

Cold, Snow, and Ice 

Let’s address the most obvious first…that frosty weather and slippery surfaces. Snow and ice make driving dangerous for everyone, especially seniors who may not be able to react as quickly. Older adults should avoid driving in bad weather. In addition, they should be more careful about going outside when it is cold as they may develop hypothermia or get frostbite. And, of course, if they do go out, they need to wear boots or shoes with good traction. 

Elder care providers can help by driving older adults to the places they need to go, such as to stores, friend’s houses, or places of worship. Elder care providers can also make sure the older adult’s house stays warm enough and run errands for them on days when the weather is too cold.  


Sundowning is a behavioral symptom that occurs in some older adults with dementia. Sundowning occurs in the late afternoon and evening hours. During episodes of sundowning, the senior may be more agitated and confused. The shorter days of the winter mean fewer hours of sunlight, which can make sundowning symptoms worse. 

An elder care provider can help to reduce sundowning by helping the older adult stick to a regular schedule. They can also offer pleasant and calming activities in the afternoon that may help to distract your aging relative. 

Social Isolation 

Because it can be harder for older adults to get out of the house during the winter, they may spend most of their time alone. This can make them feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. It could even lead to depression. 

Just by coming to the senior’s home, elder care providers offer companionship. An elder care companion is a friendly person who can chat with them, play a hand of cards, or just share a meal.  

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